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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mirror Image Writing in 4 year old

My 4 year old son writes most of his numbers and alphabets in mirror image or reversed. Numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 are written the other way around. Alphabets like D, E, F, L, P, R, Z are also written backwards ie facing the other way. He also tends to write from right to left. He is left-handed.

I was beggining to get a little worried because I read that some children with dyslexia may reverse or transpose letters when writing. (I also read that dyslexia is not a visual problem that involves reading letters or words backwards or upside down, nor are such reversals a defining characteristic of dyslexia.) Still, I was worried.

Then I came across some forums and learned that its quite normal at this age. If your child does reverse or backwards writing and you are worried, you can check out the following links.

Mirror Writing
Five Year Old Writes Backwards
Writing in Reversed Letters

Updated 2014: These days you can help your child overcome backwards writing and letter reversals using apps like this one. LetterReflex App for iPad and iPhone.


  1. my fren's daughter used to write like mirror image too, but i think she is ok now

  2. My 3 yr old does that sometimes too. But I've also seen it in other kids too. I've also read that it's quite normal. All I do is just keep reminding my girl when she does it in reverse.

  3. I'm a leftie and used to get by B,D and some numbers mixed up. Don't remember how old I was when it was corrected (on my own). Good info you have there for dyslexia.

  4. wen,
    I think they outgrow it but if not by age 6-7 then have to worry.

    blur mommy,
    Yes, I keep reminding too. Sometimes he asks me "Is it this way?" so I think he's becoming more aware.

    You're a lefty too. I've got two in my house. My husband and my son. Hehe.

  5. hey don't worry. I'm a leftie and i used to write terbalik too haha...I remember my C was always the other way round LOL. Then you know what I did to get it right, I used the checkers piece and trace the correct C out hahaha...it gets corrected itself later when I go to school.

    eh do u think maybe cause u are right, so when he see u write he use his left that's why see it differently. That's what I grasp when I was young. So maybe u want to sit in diff position to demo to him how to write and see if he can get it correct?

  6. forgot tell u...i even drew human terbalik, leg first LOL

  7. dun worry, most of the 4 years old child are like that.It just started, be more patient it will correct some day.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  8. jazzmint,
    Thanks for sharing. Drew human terbalik? Perhaps thats why you're so artistic now. You started young. Haha.

    1+2 mom,
    Thanks. I'll keep reminding him patiently. Don't want to place any pressure on him to correct as well but I think should correct before it becomes a habit. :)

  9. Relax MG..
    That's the way kids learn to write and understand letters everywhere around the world, almost the same. My little boy doing the same at this moment and also his 2 older siblings years before...
    At 1st grade in elementary they used to show more 'mother liked' progress. hehe..

  10. henny,
    "At 1st grade in elementary they used to show more 'mother liked' progress."

    Haha. That figures.

  11. Ian also does that a lot. The charc that he reverses are: 3, 5, 7, C, N. These are the common ones that he reversed, but sometimes also others. I think he is okay, he just need to be reminde - and sometimes he is too playful and purposely did that! :)

  12. No worries lah..my girls did that too when she first started out and it ended when she is towards the end of K1.

  13. My daughter is also writing the other way for the alphabets like "P,D,R,C and number 7 9 etc.. i am worried though but other wise she is a bright kid........any more information if thisis normal?

  14. I've found that my 4 year old son tends to reverse letters that start on the right rather than the left...
    C, G, J, S.
    I've always wondered about why kids do that and now I think I know. :-)


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