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Monday, May 12, 2008

Two of Everything

Previously I used to scoff at those parents who buy two or more of everything for their kids just to pacify the kids.

Now, horror of horrors! I am one of those parents! We sometimes would buy the kids the same toy or book or whatever to stop them from fighting and shut up in trying to appear fair to both of them. We try not to do this all the time but I'm afraid we do it quite often.

For example, sometimes, when we see a nice book (which the boy isn't developmental ready to read yet) or which is more more suitable for the girl so we buy it for her. We would tell the boy. "No, sometimes we buy things for you and sometimes for your cheh cheh (sister)." when he insists that he wants one too.

Or we would have this scenario. "Mummy, I only have 2 books, he has 3!" "How come he has and I don't have?!" Then we would say "No, sometimes we buy things for you and sometimes for baby."

Well, we do try our best not to be taken in by their sad faces and our guilt. We try to be fair and all but sometimes we buy two of everything. *guilty*


  1. we have no choice. kids have a sense of fair play

  2. nvmd, u r not alone!! hahaha!

  3. you should resist this temptation
    I know what you mean,it's the easier way out, less traumatic for you
    but just think of the long term consequences
    besides wouldn't it be better if they learnt to share

  4. Chloe rarely ask for anything.. because PB is the one who is quite strict.. ;) plus i got nuts.. when i'm at the dollar store.. ;)

  5. Me too...almost always buy 2 each time. Cos No2 will never fail to complain if we buy something for his elder bro.

  6. bengbeng,
    Yah, "Not fair!" is constantly heard around the house.

    *shakes hands guiltyly*

    Oh, we do resist the temptation sometimes but sometimes its also nice to indulge them once in a while. And they do learn to share and fight and share and fight. Its all part of the fun of growing up as siblings.

    Thats great. Not hearing "I want!" all the time must be great. Lol!

    You too?

  7. hahahhah..this sound familiar to me too!! But for books i will buy different type for them to share. For toys i will get the same. :( Otherwise i will have a hard time to stop the fighting.


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