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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Keputusan Permohonan Penempatan Kanak-Kanak Ke Tahun Satu Sesi Persekolahan Tahun 2009 Di Sekolah Rendah

Parents whose children are entering Primary School for the first time next year may have received the letter from The Ministry informing them of the school that their child have been placed. I received mine today.

When I registered around last year ie when my girl was 5 years old, I selected 3 school choices. Well, I got none of them. Instead she's been placed at a different school (not among our 3 choices) that is further away from our home. Sigh. I don't even know where it is or how it looks like since it wasn't among my choice in the first place and I do not wish for her to be in that school for various private reasons. (I visited more than half a dozen schools before making my decision).

Parents have one month from 25th July to 25th August 2008 to confirm the school of their choice or make an appeal.

Since I'm still ding dong ding dong between Chinese and National Schools, I now have just one more month to make my decision.

If your child is entering Standard One next year, did you get a school of your choice?


  1. I remember we ever had that kind of system in choosing high school couple of years ago, but not anymore. I think it give benefit to the government more than to the parents.

  2. sei lor. i only registered one school this yr wor, next yr must register more school liao, just in case.
    but i think u can write to them, i dont understand why does the govt or school needs to control which school we wanna send our kids to. which one we like we send lor, first come first serve basis la..

  3. Can have more than 1 choice meh? I was told that once there's a school chop at the back of the birth cert, you can't go other school to register already. Anyhow I didn't receive any letter from the Ministry wor..just a letter from the school we went to register and I assume I have got a place at the school (no??) anyhow , we want to ask for a transfer, because the school is too far from our new house and another school is confirmed to shift to the housing area we are moving to. Leceh also.

  4. I can't believe they didn't give you a school of your choice, not even 1. Well, I hope this is my case too coz my hubs wants our gals to study in a chinese school (traffic to that school is horrendous) but I want my gals to study in a school (kebangsaan) that's in our taman. I hope the Ministry doesnt give hubs his choice of school, so that I get the school that's nearer to our house :)

  5. huh? I haven't received any letter from anyone yet. Anyway, I only registered No2 for one school. I also thot you can register them for one school only at a time????

  6. henny,
    We have this kind of system for entering Primary School for as long as I can remember.

    In the letter, they mentioned that we have to go to the school which they have placed my girl to collect a Borang Rayuan Penempatan Semula to request for a change and pass that form to the head of that school.

    There is only one chop ie the school that you registered for but I remember when I was filling in the form at that school, they asked me to put in my second and third choice as well but might as well not have done so, since they didn't take those into consideration. My letter is from the ministry. Strange that you got the letter from the school that you registered. What did it say?

    health freak mummy,
    Well, we got the Chinese School that has horrendous traffic. I suppose because no one wants to go there. Haha. We picked another two chinese schools nearer to us and a National School as our third choice. According to the teacher at the National School it should be very easy to get a place at their school since nowadays everyone wants to go to Chinese School but apparently they ignored our choices.

    Yes, you can register for one school only but you can state your 2nd and 3rd preference at the same time.

  7. cant speak for myself yet. but my nephew, his dad paid (donated) some money to their PTA and he got in to the school of choice.

  8. littlelamb,
    You must be referring to a Chinese School so I've heard.


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