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Friday, July 25, 2008

Where to stay and what to do in Genting Highlands?

We're thinking of taking the kids to Genting Highlands for the first time later on this year. They're 4 and 6 and we haven't taken them there before. In fact, we haven't been there ourselves in ages so we're quite lost now.

I have a few questions for those who have been there with young children.

  • Where's the best place to stay. Must be affordable cos we have to bring our new maid along. We'd probably need a big family type room or two adjoining rooms. Don't know what is the best arrangement that would be the most economical as well. Some people tell me that First World Hotel is best because it is closest to the theme parks.
  • What sort of activities is suitable for kids age 4 and 6. There are so many kiddy rides etc so we don't want to waste time wondering around or miss out something interesting for them. Just want to zoom in on the best. Hehe.
  • For young kids, is the indoor theme park more suitable compared to the outdoor theme park? What can we do at both?
  • Apart from the rides, are the shows or the snow place or whatever you call it recommended?
  • What is the best time to go? We're thinking of just one night. Is it very packed during weekends? Would we have to queue up like mad just to get ticket to rides?
  • How to purchase tickets to the rides? Is it different tickets for different rides or one covering all? Do we have to expect long queues that tire the children? (See, told you I was really blur about this. ;))
  • Is there anything else I haven't thought of?

I hope that those who have been there can answer my questions or share their experience. If you have already written about it on your blog, could you please share your links? Thank you very much. :)



  1. Hi MG, I brought my going-to-be 6 yr old daughter in April.


    To asnwer your questions, I will email you, or you can reach me at anna.tham@gmail.com.

  2. Anna,
    Thank you so much for you link. I'll check it out. :) My email is mumsgather@gmail.com

  3. MG,

    1) for the theme park tickets, you can purchase them as
    a) indoor & outdoor
    b) indoor only
    c) outdoor only
    Since your kids still young, my suggestion indoor should be sufficient

    2) If u intent to stay in First World, get the Super Deluxe Rooms which is bigger. Their normal rooms are VERY small (ie: the toilet can only fit one person), no fridge and u got to walk out from yr room to get hot water.

    3) I would say 1 night is sufficient

    4) pls google for genting entertainment. if u r interested to see "Dreamz", i can get u complimentary tickets. this dreamz is suitable for kids. U got my email right *wink*

    5) Food price wise, its more expensive than normal pricing. ie: if u step in macdonalds, kfc..their local price n genting price is different. anyway u need to eat. plenty of eateries. if u intent to cook, then u need to rent apartment.

    ta & hav a good weekend

  4. little lamb,
    Thank you so much. That really helps to give me a better idea. :)

  5. For the kids, staying anywhere, and playing anywhere, indoor or outdoor doesn't really matter. but I think the indoor would be more appropriate for little kids.
    another option to stay would be in Awana, as they also have kids activities there. Can also tke the cable car up to the top! :-)

  6. baby smooches,
    I remember years ago, when I stayed in Awana, there were rats in my room. I hope they have refurbished it since then. :P

  7. The kids would just love the cold weather!

  8. contented mum,
    I hope they do. :)


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