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Monday, December 22, 2008

Because I love You

The Little One wanted me to feed him and he said....

"Mummy, do you know why I want you to feed me?........... Because I love You!"

Bad mommy told him that "if you love me then you will feed yourself" to which mini teacher added....

"Yah, if you love mummy, you will feed yourself, so that mummy has more time."

This is something that I tell mini teacher all the time because usually it is her who requests to be fed while the little one eats all by himself. Haha.

In another unrelated incident, mini teacher had persuaded daddy to buy her a new hair grip with flowers on it. She wanted to wear it to aunty's house for the coming Christmas party.

The little one wanted to wear the Santa's hat that I had gotten out of the toy box from last year.

I overheard her persuading her little brother not to wear the Santa's hat.

"Baby, you should not wear the Santa's hat you know. You must gel up your hair now you know. You must gel up your hair everyday now."

The little one fell for it. He said....

"Must I do it myself?"

And she replied....

"Yes, baby, you must gel up your hair everyday now."

And then she went on telling him about how he should have a different look now but I can't remember her exact words now.

Ah... thats mini teacher using the power of persuasion to get her brother to do what she wants. *rolls eyes*


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