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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Here is a step by step instruction on how we made our paper snowflakes for our Christmas Scene Craft

1. Cut out a square piece of paper. You can use white for white paper snowflakes but my kids like coloured ones. :)

2. Fold the paper into two

3. Then fold the paper into two again forming a small folded square

4. Next, draw a curved line on the outer part of the square

5. Then cut along those lines so that when you open the paper you will get a circle

6. Finally make snips all over the paper while it is still folded. You can fold it further to make more snips as well

7. Lastly, unfold your paper and voila you got yourself a paper snowflake

Later on I found out why my paper snowflake didn't look that good. Because they were all round! If you want to learn how to make a more authentic looking paper snowflake. Check this out. Its got steps by steps instructions too and the paper snowflakes look much better than mine. :)


  1. i checked that out edi, i still dont know how to make a proper snowflakes. looks tough! haha!


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