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Monday, December 01, 2008

Smart Alec and Spoil Sport

Everyday when I finish bathing my boy, he would run off as soon as I drape the towel over him to dry. He would then run dripping to a spot between the window and the bed and hide there giggling. When I ask him to come to me so I could dress him, he would continue giggling away happily.

Even when I eventually catch him, he would not stand still to be changed. He would do a dance, turn around or jump up and down when I am dressing him. I feel like such a spoil sport for not playing along with him when he looks so naturally happy.

One day, I asked him to "Come here" as usual and he replied "I can't, mummy." When I asked him "Why not?", he said "Because my legs are pulling me away." Then off he ran giggling again.

The kids, they do tire me sometimes (I can tell you that its really tiring when you have a 101 things on your mind and 101 things to do and you have to chase a little boy all over the room just to dress him). The kids they tire me but I love them dearly. I love them so much.


  1. I so know what you mean!

    My main concern is that that boy of mine will be climbing all over the bed and if I don't get his diapers on in time...imagine the mess....sigh!

    Have to forget all that chores when the kids are around else we will get too harrassed!!!

  2. Aiyoh, why all kids are like this. I used to threaten them with cane or smack their bum-bum.

  3. Ann,
    Fortunately I am off the diaper stage. ;)

    Haha. Yes, sometimes I scold them too but it seems so bad to scold them when all they want to do is play. They're actually not being naughty, they just want to play. Usually at night I ask him to dress himself. He can manage the bottom but not the top and a couple of times, in the morning, I found him with his pyjama trousers over his daytime shorts. Bad mommy. Hahaha.

  4. You know what MG, I always get sweat after dressing Ian who just act like your little boy. Little sport for me too, eh?!
    Hey, btw do you celebrate Christmas?

  5. henny,
    I don't really celebrate but each year we would have a party at my sister's house where she'd have a tree, turkey, and we all exchange lots and lots of presents.


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