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Monday, November 23, 2009

What to do with those old flash cards

The kids have outgrown their flashcards. They still look quite new. I don't think they used it very much as a learning tool. They probably used it more like a throwing tool. Throwing it all over the living room for me to pick.

Yesterday we took them out and devised our own flashcard/pictionary game. We took turns to pick a card. Then we had to act out the card and without a word spoken try to make the other persons guess what is on the card.

Its a great game. The kids love it. We had great laughs. It is also quite educational. It helps them to think a little bit.

For example, when my 7 year old girl got a card with vegetables on it, she thought about it a little while. Then she did an action to depict eating, followed by a "good" hand signal, then she pointed up and down her body, meaning a food that is good for your body. We guessed "eating" then "fruits" and finally "vegetables". It makes them think.

However, the 5 year old did not enjoy this game quite as much. When he gets his cards, he prefers to "draw out" in the air the item that he is holding, then he gets frustrated when we can't guess it. Poor lil fella. However, he did manage quite well when he got a "wolf" card, he pretended to roar and showed his claws but we still couldn't get it. "Is it a bird?" we asked and he shook his head. "Is it an animal?" and that made him get down on all fours to crawl about. We guessed "tiger", "lion" but we still couldn't get it.

Finally, I had to help him out. I took out the red towel, put it over my head like a hood and pretended to run away from him and the girl got it at once "Wolf" she said because she realised I was pretending to be "Little Red Riding Hood."

Its a fun game. So don't throw away those old flash cards. You can still use them even when the kids are older.


  1. Great idea & a good start for your holiday!

  2. Annie,
    I'm sorry. I wrote this post in August and forgot to post it! Hahaha. But we will play it again this holidays because its fun. :)

  3. Good game.. I guess more suitable for older children though (like your 7 year old).

    My flash cards at home unfortunately are all torn or in very bad state because the lil one tends to be very rough with her toys/books/anything.

  4. You are so creative! In a few years time, you can sell those flash cards. I'm sure there will be many new parents who are interested to buy them at half price.

  5. Wow, that's a great Idea... Didn't think about it before... :)

    I found your blog from Mybloglog, btw
    would you consider to exchange link w/ me ?


  6. You are amazingly creative. Good way to use the flash card.

  7. Had to drop by to see how school hols were treating you! :)

    Good idea for a game. Mine currently are throw cards too! :)

  8. Love it! This is such a great idea to reuse the old flash cards!! Thanks for sharing!!


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