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Monday, November 09, 2009

How To Make Origami Stars And Reward Your Kids With Real Stars

At the moment, we're into the Make Origami Stars Craze in our house. It all started because my girl wanted to buy some origami stars at her school fun fair but she was disappointed because someone took the last batch.

So, mummy said, don't worry, we'll make our own origami stars.

We found this video on How to make Origami Stars very easy to follow.

We could fold our very own origami stars after just watching the video once through. Its really very simple to make mini origami stars.

Next, we went out and bought strips of origami stars papers. We bought them at Jusco stationary department. They cost us about RM3.90 each. I like the plain coloured ones. It has the words "love" and little hearts printed in gold at the end of the strip so when you fold your origami stars, the stars would glitter with little gold heart shapes plus have the words "love" in shiny gold letters on it.

Then we bought some more rolls of origami stars papers. We bought them at Popular Bookstore. They cost us RM3.30 per roll. The strips and rolls comes with instructions. I prefer to look at the video. Its much easier to follow.

And finally, we made our very own origami stars in various colours. They look like sweet candy or tiny chocolate nuggets. The Origami Stars papers comes in many designs and some of them glitter and shine. However, if you make plain ones, you can also get the kids to decorate them with their own stickers.
The stars are pictured in two separate batches here because they belong to two different kids who can't stop fighting over who gets how many stars and in what colour!

Now, I can reward the kids with "real stars" when they complete their lessons or the assignments I give them.
The kids love to collect stuff. They love collecting these origami stars. We can also put them in glass jars, decorate the jars with lace and ribbon and give them away as Christmas Presents. This makes a nice craft project for the coming school holidays and it doubles up as nice christmas gifts too so you don't have to go shopping for Christmas presents.

Read one of my top posts on this blog Seeing Stars and find out the meaning of these origami stars.

How To Make Origami Stars And Reward Your Kids With Real Stars
How To Make Origami Stars And Reward Your Kids With Real Stars



  1. That's a great idea to reward the kids with the "real stars"!! THanks for sharing! :D

  2. i made it when i was a teenager and never thot that i can curi this tip from u to make it for my kids... i might go for it only afraid the floor will be full of stars!

  3. crazymommy,
    The only problem is.... the kids keep on wanting more and more! lol.

    So far they haven't started throwing them yet. I gave them each a plastic tupperware (you know those for tapau type) to keep and admire their stars. Everyday they are counting it. Haha.

  4. hi MG,
    so nowadays...your mood is on craft? hehe...I think your blogging mood has already back, see your comment on my post :) I also feel one year like a flash!
    I don't know, can't make comment on mumsgather.

  5. henny,
    Some of these crafts have been done some time back, its just that I have been lazy to post them. ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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