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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Standard 5 Science An Overview

I've been looking for online materials as extra supplementary reading on Year 5 Science for my son who is in Standard 5 in SJKC.

I'm pleased to have found some very good summaries of the Year 5 subject in the form of a teacher's blog and teacher's slides. Here they are:
  • A blog simply named Science Year 5 by a teacher. Topics presented on the blog include Energy, Heat, Light, Electricity, Investigating Living Things, Phases of the moon etc. It is in KBSR format but many of the topics are still applicable for those doing KSSR Science. 
  • Here's another teacher's blog. She has comprehensive mind maps for Science Year 4, 5 & 6. Also suitable for KBSR syllabus but nevertheless can be used for KSSR as well.
  • Slides by another teacher also giving a summary of Standard 5 Science in easy to digest mind maps. 43 slides in all covering mind maps on Microorganism, Survival of Animals, Food Chain, Heat, Light, Electricity, Investigating Earth And Universe, Investigating Materials and more.
These blogs, mind maps and slides by teachers give a good overall summary or revision for the student doing Year 5 Science in English. Even if Science were taught in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin or Tamil, these resources can still be used to explain the concepts. The student can then learn the relevant terms in the required language. Remember the mind maps are there as a good visual reference but kids should be encouraged to draw their own. :)


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