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Friday, April 17, 2015

Step By Step On How To Transfer School From Wilayah Persekutuan To Selangor

A few things to know before you read this post. In this blog post, I will be sharing the steps we took to transfer our child from a secondary school in Wilayah Persekutuan to Selangor for Form 1. We did the transfer last  year in 2014 for the schooling year 2015. So if you are reading this later, procedures may have changed. So, always  check with your child's school (both the school you wish to transfer out of as well as the school you wish to transfer to), the PPD (Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah) or the JPN (Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri) to confirm the steps. You may not even need to go to the JPN if your transfer is within the same state or area as it may be done by the PPD. So do call up beforehand to find out which PPD or whether you need to go to the JPN. They officers will let you know.

This post is merely to help give you an idea of what may be required. The steps  mentioned here are not carved in stone and may change when the PPD or JPN makes changes.  It is based on personal experience from transfer of secondary school from Wilayah Persekutuan to Selangor for Form One in Secondary School.

Note: During the year when your child sits for UPSR exam in Std 6, you may be given 2 forms before the UPSR exam. (The UPSR exam is usually around September). The forms contain the secondary schools within your child's school vicinity. These are the feeder schools for your child's primary school. That means that children from a certain primary school will automatically have preference in certain secondary schools within the schools vicinity. (not your house but the school). One form contains a list of these schools for normal schools. The other form contains a list of cluster schools. You are supposed to choose your top 3 picks by filling up the form. You fill up the cluster school form only if you are interested in those schools. Otherwise you don't have to. For cluster schools, later on you may need to submit your UPSR result slip as well.

Now if you didn't want to go to any of those schools in the list, then you have to do a transfer AFTER a school in the list has been allocated to your child. This post states how we did our transfer from a secondary school in Wilayah Persekutuan to a secondary school in Selangor.

Step 1

You will need to get a transfer form from the school you wish to transfer out of. Go to that school and request for it. Several copies of the transfer form will be prepared and handed to you after you fill in the required information on the form.

Step 2

Keep one copy of the transfer form for your own files. Hand the rest over to the JPN Selangor together with supporting documents. You may be required to put the documents in a certain order as shown in the photograph below. Supporting documents include the school leaving certificate from primary school, a copy of the UPSR result slip, IC of parent and child, proof of address in the form of electrical bill or astro bill etc and divorce papers etc if you are divorced. Don't forget your transfer forms. The forms are for the JPN, the PPD and the school you wish to transfer to but you don't have to send those forms. The JPN will do it. Just hand all the copies to them while keeping one for yourself.

We submitted our documents and were told to wait till 20 January 2015 for the results (as stated in the picture below). We were told to let our child attend school at the allocated school first while waiting for the results.

Appeal Documentation Required For Form 1 School Transfer

Transfer Form And Supporting Documentation Are Required To Be Arranged In A Certain Order
Step 3

If you are transferring to a cluster school for example SMJK Katholik, there may be minimum entry requirements as shown in the photograph below. I took a picture of that form at the JPN Selangor. The form states that it is for year 2014 so it is a bit outdated but I think the process may be more or less the same just to give you a better idea. An interesting thing if you look at the form carefully. Priority is given for feeder schools within the vicinity of the school, followed by schools within Selangor and lastly schools from other states not only for placement but also in terms of minimum entry requirements. 

Step 4

After submitting your transfer form you wait. However, don't wait passively. From our experience, the JPN repeatedly stated that we are to start calling only after 20 Jan 2015. That is not ideal at all as that would mean having to start school first at the allocated school, pay fees, buy books etc for 2 to 3 weeks not to mention having to attend the orientation at the school you wish to transfer out of and miss the orientation of the school you wish to transfer to. 

As the school we wish to transfer to were having their Form 1 school orientation on 31st December, we decided to try our luck by calling the JPN on 29th December. With a sigh of relief, we were told that our transfer had been approved and we could speed things up by collecting the approval ourselves for handing over to the new school instead of waiting for JPN to send it for us. So we went to collect the letter on 30th but had to wait for 4 hours as there was no one manning the counter. We were told that everyone had gone off for a meeting. Finally someone came and told us that the letters were not ready because they had not been signed but after I mentioned the name of the person I spoke to who said I could collect the letter, she went to check and within minutes I got my approval letter. There were several other parents waiting for their letters too. Sigh. I really think they should have at least one person at the counter since it was a peak period. If you had to wait 4 hours to collect a letter that was ready to be collected and could have been collected in 5 minutes flat, you too would be peeved. I won't say more because this is supposed to be a step by step on how to transfer school from Wilayah to Selangor but I just had to have that short rant. 

So we got our transfer approval letter on 30th and attended the school orientation at the new school on 31st December. 

All you have to do is hand the approval letter to the new school.  A copy of the approval letter will be sent to the old school by the JPN so you do not need to do anything at the school you transferred out of.

Below is a map and address of the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Selangor. Good luck on your school transfer appeals.

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