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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Christmas Gift Idea for kids and teens who love kawaii things

CutieSquad has landed on our shores and this is good news for parents shopping for Christmas gifts because it gives us one more Christmas Gift Idea for kids and teens who love kawaii stuff.

First, let's meet the characters from CutieSquad - Jacky, Ray, Mo and Jess. These little cuties are collectible merchandise that are useful for everyday use, tote bags, mugs, notebooks, plushies and more. You can get just one or two or a whole set based on just one character or a mix and match. Let's have a look at some of the merchandise!  The merchandise are suitable for kids, teens and adults who love cute stuff!

They're all so cute, we don't know where to start. Let's start with some stickers. They are sponge stickers actually, so they are raised, giving them a 3-D appearance. You can get them in any of the CutieSquad character. Very nice for decorating your items to make them look a little cuter.

Here are some notebooks! Who loves notebooks? We all do, because they are useful for any age. Note that CutieSquad has two types of notebooks. One is a bullet journal with dots inside instead of lines for ddrawing and art. The other one is a notebook with lines for writing. So make sure you get the type you like for your personal use. There is a picture cover for the front and back with little CutieSquad design with a protective plastic cover for both front and back. 

Next up, here are some Washi tapes. Washi tapes are a type of decorative colored adhesive tapes which you can use to decorate your journals, or use them as borders for your artwork or cards. The Washi tapes have the little CutieSquad characters on them and everything is in sweet pastel colours. So sweet and cute.

Here are some plushies. Don't you just love plushies? They are so adorable. The CutieSquad plushies are palm sized. There's the Kawaii Penguin, Mermaid cat, Red Panda and Unikitty bunny. Aptly named because they look as cute as their names and they feel soft too. View our video at the end of this page to have a better idea of the plushie size.

If your kid is a school going child, you will want these water tumblers. The tumblers have straws which are detachable for washing or detachable permanently if that is what you prefer. Even if you detach the straws, the covers are non-leak screw on types so it is really up to you which you prefer. You can also pick the design you prefer too, 6 designs, all in lovely pastel colours. 

I love these mugs. They are good quality mugs that have a tapering shape, smaller at the bottom with a bigger top. They are available in 7 Cutie Squad designs. Mugs make great gifts for everyone, especially mugs that are so pretty and cute. They are excellent gifts for Christmas, birthday, teacher's day,  mother's day and more.

There's also a tote bag to carry your notebooks and stickers and water bottles. Don't let these totebags fool you. They look average in size but oh my, they can really fit in quite a lot! You will see in my video at the end of this page.  Can you count the number of CutieSquad merchandise I managed to put in the tote bags?

CutieSquad is currently having a Christmas bundle promo. *This Christmas promo applies to Asia only. This is the best time to buy because you will get a whole set of CutieSquad items specially picked for you at great discount prices. 

Where to buy the above CutieSquad kawaii merchandise:


To know more about the Christmas bundles, check out the following links.

Bundle Set A : 

Bundle Set B : 

Bundle Set C : 

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Can you count the number of items in the tote bag? 


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