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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Easing the Back-to-School Transition Through Online Enrichment Classes


Students in Malaysia, like many other students across the globe, have been experiencing quality learning loss for two years now due to school closures. While the education imperative calls upon pivoting to technology in hopes of learning continuity, limited resources and knowledge of remote teaching and learning illustrate a less ideal reality. Fortunately, schools in Malaysia are opening again in March 2022.

But here comes the biggest challenge yet: With less than three months before going back to school, how do parents ensure that their children can quickly shift gears to face the academic year – plus important examinations – in the new normal?

e.LT® provides viable learning solutions that can help children get back on track to face the upcoming academic year with confidence through an integrated, web-based learning platform.

Here are 5 ways e.LT Enrichment Centre prepares your child for the 2022 school term:

1. Personalised lesson plan

e.LT considers student’s current level of proficiency and skillsets before placing them into the programme. Through a one-on-one online assessment, our educators will identify your child’s educational needs to recommend a learning programme that best suits them.

2. Transparent progress update

e.LT ‘s learning platform provides a clear, up-to-date progress report of your child’s lessons. Teachers will detail your child’s progress on the platform for every assignment they partake.

3. Systematic learning model

e.LT’s complete learning model starts with e-Prep, where students get a glimpse of the upcoming lesson, before they join the e-Classroom for a live learning session. Lastly, they get to revise their lesson through e-Revision.

4. Comprehensive learning hub

e.LT students get full, unlimited access to our comprehensive learning hub filled with various exciting learning materials. Since everything is online, time and space are no longer obstacles.

5. One-on-one learning opportunity

e.LT has a one-on-one virtual learning option for students. Through this session, teachers get to spot a student’s weaknesses and focus on providing feasible learning solutions.


e.LT is a one-stop platform for effective online learning. On top of the many online learning options, students get to learn conveniently, with a personalized lesson plan that suits their current needs and prepare them for the upcoming academic year. With the flexibility to schedule their classes, students get to learn at their own pace and take ownership of their educational journey.

For more information, visit http://elt-education.com/ 

This post was brought to you by e.LT Education.




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