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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Where to buy KF94, KN95 and KF99 masks online

Today we are going to explore KF94, KN95 and KF99 masks and where to buy them online. We won't be going into scientific details but just touch on them very generally. First we should know about N95 masks. In short N95 masks are the US standards for respirator masks; KN95 masks are the Chinese standards for masks and KF94 are those with Korean Filter (KF) or Korean standards. Recently there are KF99 masks as well. Many people are now looking at these masks because in terms of breathability, they are better since the masks are not close to the nose when worn, so they are more comfortable then double masking with a 3 or 4 ply mask plus cloth mask for long hours of use. However, the downside is they cost more.

Things you should watch out for when buying a mask

1. Make sure we are not getting counterfeit or knockoff masks. Check that they comply to the standards set by the countries and that they are approved by the authorities of countries which produce them. In Malaysia, they should be registered with the MDAR (Medical Device Authority Register), and also be SIRIM certified, while in Korea the approving authority is the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) Korea.  Generally, avoid those being sold online for dirt cheap prices. When something is too good to be true, they probably aren't. We DO NOT want to get cheated when it comes to masks.

2. Make sure you get the right fit. The mask should fit the wearer's face without any gaps anywhere. It should have a good seal so that no air can get in or out anywhere. Before you buy a whole box of mask, try to see if you can buy just one or two sheets to test out the fit.

3. We should also understand what this means when we see them on the box. BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiciency), PFE (Partical Filtration Efficiency), VFE (Virus Filtration Efficiency. Here is a good article that explains this in simple terms: Testing the Efficacy of Face Masks. What do the numbers 94, 95 and 99 mean in KF94, KN95 and KF99? The numbers measure the filtration efficiency of the masks ie the partical efficiency or PFE. In layman's term, the higher the number, the better. For example, 94 means it has 94% efficacy in filtering out particles.

4. The shape of N95 is pointy like a beak and its sometimes called a duck bill mask. The KF94 mask is like a cross between a 3or 4 ply mask and a duck bill mask. It has material that runs across the face, up the nose and down the chin. 

Now that we know some basics, let's have a look at some brands. Some brands we come across the market include the following. Biomate, Yukazan, Respack, Neutrovis, Iconic, Callie and more. You can buy most of these at pharmacies or online from Shopee or Lazada.

Mask Brands and where to buy them

Below are some common brands currently being sold in the market. Readers are advised to do their own research on whether the masks are approved and certified by relevant authorities before buying any masks. Remember, if any deal is too good to be true, it probably isn't to prevent buying counterfeit masks. Be wary of fake resellers too. 

1. Biomate KF94 masks

  • ≥98% BFE
  • ≥96% PFE
  • available in adult and kid sizes in 10s, 30s or 50s per box
  • small size is for kids age 4-11
  • adult size is for ages 12 and up
  • kids size is 145mm x 90mm

Where to buy: 
Kmommy's Pick on Shopee (Ships directly from Korea) 
Use codes to get 5% discount:

2. Respack
  • ≥98% BFE
  • ≥99% PFE
  • available in adult and kid sizes 
  • has many variants. also has the KN95 masks
  • Size = 214 x 80mm (adults) or  165mm x 65mm (for ages 4 and up)
  • suitable for ages 11 and up

Where to buy: 
Respack Official Store on Shopee
Elosie Lim Enterprise (Lazada)

3. Yuka Zan
  • ≥99% BFE
  • ≥99% PFE
  • there is also a KF99 variant

5. Iconic Medicare
  • ≥99% BFE
  • ≥99% PFE
  • available in adult and kid sizes
  • has a hijab series
  • has KF94 and upgraded KF99 variant
  • uses copper oxide material

  • ≥98% BFE
  • ≥98% PFE
  • has KN95 and KF99 mask
  • picture shown is the KN95 mask

Where to buy:
LH Mart on Shopee
Exquisite Gift Galaxy on Lazada

7. Medishield Malaysia
  • ≥98% BFE
  • ≥99% PFE
  • has Hijab variant
  • has KN95 and KF94, KF99 masks

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