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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

English Lessons for 10 to 12 year olds

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You want your child to not only do well in the exam room but discover the joy in learning. So what can we do outside of their school lessons to help them stay engaged and fulfil their potential?

Why English enrichment is important for well-rounded learning

Upper Primary is a transitional time for kids as they prepare for the next stage in their academic journey. During these crucial years, it’s important that children are given the tools and techniques they need to overcome learning obstacles and rise to new challenges.

English enrichment is an essential part of a child’s holistic education, because it’s not simply about cultivating new language skills (though those are important). Through collaborative activities and a rich variety of texts, our young learners are encouraged to express themselves with confidence that goes beyond their English language skills.

We want to see our students become independent thinkers, in charge of their own learning. Our highly qualified and passionate teachers guide children to go beyond the surface of their reading material, nurturing critical thinking skills that will promote greater creativity, understanding and confidence.

Instead of asking our students to accept and memorise facts, we help them to interpret stories and practise vocalising their ideas, while listening to other perspectives. This way, children learn to apply their new knowledge to skills such as evidence-building and precise self-expression, as they learn about the wider world.

What to expect from our Primary Plus courses

Comprehension strategies

Comprehension skills will be improved through the use of challenging texts. Children are supported to learn close reading techniques as they expand their knowledge and form an interest in a variety of topics while having fun learning with classmates of the same age in groups and pairs

Composition techniques

Composition techniques are taught by exploring a range of text types, such as narrative, email and personal recount. Our students are always looking to improve their writing through redrafting and introducing new words into their vocabulary through familiar topics and in activities such as writing creatively.

Challenging tasks

We encourage our young learners to engage more deeply with home and international topics and apply this knowledge to writing, reading and oral tasks. Greater awareness of the wider world will help children to excel academically.


Feedback is a core aspect of our safe, supportive and dynamic learning environment. Our experienced teachers provide regular, individual feedback so that your child may grow into a reflective learner, as well as keeping parents informed of their progress.

Discover our learning hub

At the British Council, we also motivate your child to engage in independent study via our learning hub which helps them build a love of learning English through personalised dashboard and built-in self-evaluation that helps them reflect on their learning journey. An online platform to facilitate learning before and after class, students are given the space to deepen their understanding of English. It improves their grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening skills using engaging high-quality online learning resources designed by experts while class time is more focused on improving their English-speaking skills.

About The British Council in Malaysia

The British Council in Malaysia offers English courses for kids and teens. Students will focus on literature, helping them to grow as passionate readers and build on their written and communication skills through targeted individual and group practices.

Our highly qualified and passionate teachers provide a safe and engaging environment for your child to enjoy learning new concepts and express themselves freely, so they can progress through school with enhanced confidence and enthusiasm. 

To find out more about our courses for kids and teens, visit our website or book a free consultation with our friendly consultant.




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