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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Know the new academic calendar to plan your vacations

The 2022 academic year started in March 2022 and is known as the 2022/2023 academic year. We have had a lot of questions from our FB group on whether the new academic year is here to stay. At the point of writing there are no changes, it remains in March of every year.

So how does that affect parents making vacation plans. Let's have a look at the academic year 2021 and the academic year 2022/2023 side by side to see the difference. We are comparing the calendar of Kumpulan B schools.

Both the academic  year 2021 and academic year 2022/2023 has 8 weeks of holidays.  However the 8 weeks are at different times of the year. Here's how they are different.

Academic Year 2021 has 2 terms. Term 1 has a mid term break of 1 week. There is a middle of the year break in between the two terms of 2 weeks. In term 2 there are 2 mid term breaks of 1 week each. At the end of the academic year there is an end of academic year break of 3 weeks. The end of academic year break is from 11 Dec to 31 Dec 2021. Total weeks of break is 8 weeks (1+2+1+1+3 weeks).

Academic Year 2022/2023 has 3 terms.  Term 1 and Term 2 ends with 1 week of break each. There is no mid year break. Instead Term 3 ends with a 3 week break. The Term 3 break is from 10 Dec to 31 Dec 2022. (This is similar to the end of year break from academic year 2021 so you can plan for your vacation as usual at the year end as before). Finally, there is an end of academic year break of 3 weeks from 18 Feb to 12 Mac 2023 before the new academic year begins. Total weeks of break is 8 weeks (1+1+3+3 weeks).

In short, the new academic year has two 3 week breaks which makes it possible for some families to plan longer vacations since 1 week is usually a bit short for making holiday plans. What do you think of the new academic calendar in terms of the holiday dates?

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