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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Kid's Halloween Costumes on Shopee Malaysia

 With Halloween just around the corner, there are more and more Halloween themed parties and gatherings happening. If your kid is invited to one, what should they wear? Scary or cute? Which one shall you choose? It's not too difficult to find a reasonably priced one nowadays, thanks to online shopping. 

Here are some kid's halloween costumes you can use not only for Halloween but also for themed birthday parties, cosplay gatherings and fancy dress parties. 

1. Boy's Harry Potter or Girl's Witch Costume

If you have a few kids, these are great for siblings because you can get matching ones. The girl ones look like cute and lovely girl witches whereas the boy one looks like Harry Potter.

Where to buy: https://shope.ee/4APAswrMlG

2. Boy and Girl Vampire Costume

The crimson will stand out among the blacks and purples of Halloween. Some of the costumes come with headgear and other accessories like wand or broom etc so make sure you read the description before you select your costume.

Where to buy: https://shope.ee/10S97qYJsH 3. Girl's witch costume This witch costume can be worn like a party dress without the hat and broom. Add the hat and broom for
better effect. Remove the accessories and the dress can be recycled for normal use.

Where to buy:

4. Boy's Pirate Costume

Ahoy! Me Hearties! If you are thinking of a boy's pirate costume which is perfect not only for Halloween but also for fancy dress parties in school or at a friend's birthday party, remember to get your boy to learn some pirate lingo first.  Here's a few pirate styles to choose from.

5. Kid's Superhero Costumes

We need some superheroes to save everyone from the bats, ghosts, zombies , vampires and more on Halloween. These kid's superhero costumes should do the trick. Black Panther, Optimus Prime, Wolverine, pick from these and more.

6. Kid's Ghost Skeleton Costume

This is a two piece costume with robe and mask. You can get extra skeleton gloves too for a more fancy look. This looks easy and breezy. Ditch the mask for your own Halloween makeup for kids if a mask is too uncomfortable.

7. Girl's rainbow unicorn with wings costume

Fancy up with this girl's rainbow unicorn with wings costume. Put on some Halloween makeup to complete the look. Can be reused for a princess party too! 

8. Halloween Bat Costume for kids

For kids who hate a fuss or don't like wearing costumes, you can get a simple cloak or cape which they can slip on over their normal clothing. Wear a black tee and black pants and this Halloween Bat Cloak and tadaa you have a nice Halloween costume.

Happy Shopping! Don't forget to check out the customer reviews and read the product description carefully!


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