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Monday, May 09, 2005

Blogging in my Head

I think most bloggers will have this habit. I often blog in my head. Mostly, blogging in my head occurs:

  • when I'm tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping
  • in the middle of the night after getting up and can't go back to sleep
  • in queues whether its the bank, supermarket or fast food restaurant
  • in the toilet and bathroom
  • in waiting rooms especially if there's a long wait eg clinic, government offices
  • while dining out
  • after reading some newspaper article or a good book
  • while jogging at the park

On a side note, while jogging at the park, I came across a bunch of inconsiderate young men playing football. They had their stuff strewn all over the jogging track so one had to weave through them and I wondered how they got any conversation going from all the cantonese foul words spewing out of their mouths at every sentence (practically 9 out of 10 words they used in a sentence were foul). They probably thought its very cool to behave like that. Ish! I hope theres less young people like that around.


  1. Hahaha, MG, those places are still pretty tame to 'blog in my head'. At least not in bed. LOL!

  2. Ahhh.. why we think so alike huh..??

  3. and the things i blogged in my head soemtimes lost its oommpphh when i finally get to my notebook. sigh! if only can blog straight from the head to notebook and post.

  4. i always tell myself this: "okay, i just saw something interesting. i'm gonna blog about it tonight". but when the night comes... haha, sometimes i really blog, but sometimes i just let it pass.

    You missed one place: in the car, while driving or as a passenger. There's too much to blog about even from one short trip to, let say, lunch during peak hour. From the road conditions to inceonsderate drivers to the traffic. Yada yada yada ;)

    What do you mean "you too" in the comment on my blog? Got many people out there also.. uhm, on hiatus meh? Or having a bad week? Thanks for the kind words ;)

  5. 5XMom, I not as "gerng" as you mah. You blog in your head in bed wan ah? Hehe.

    MrsT, Becos we are "great minds". (*ahem*)

    SunFlower, Thats so true, many a times the oompphh is gone by the time we managed to get it down on the notebook/pc.

    Narrowband, I missed out the Car on purpose cos most of the time I'm passenger and Mr MG is driver chit chatting with me. Dare not put in sked he say I not listening to him talk. :PpP

    What I meant by "You too?" was it just seem so sad everytime I read that my favourite bloggers going on hiatus or blog retirement. It just feels like having a good/familiar neighbour move out buden in the blog world ppl move in and out just like in the real world.

  6. Another "great mind" is here *ahem* hahaha...
    but sometime tend to forgot what I want to blog when I sit infront of the PC *sigh*...not that "great" at all.

  7. MG About the foul language I feel sad and bad. Ppl always using foul language. They think they are cool, don't undertand them. I have advise my kids not to use foul language or vulgar words. If you start using it, it surely will become a habit and everytime you speake the foul language will automatically comes out.

  8. This foul language thing often comes out of a herd mentality: each of those boys may not do it when alone, but when in a crowd (herd), everyone does it liberally. Disgusting.

  9. MG, if I were to blog every idea/story that comes to mind, HAIYOOO, habislah my blog, one day 5-6 entries.

    Abt the foul language, ya lah...so sad to see youngsters nowadays, like to talk like that. I just hope I can teach my kids enough that they'll know NOT to do the same. At least not in front of me!!

  10. Hahaha Along, just wanna kpc this foul language. It is safer they mumble it in front of us, at home. 'Cos my sons' have friends who are very decent, from decent homes, I met the parents before etc etc. But walau-eh, behind the parents, they curse so well. So, I told my kids, dare to curse, curse in front of me, if they do like their friends, I pancung kepala. By a certain age (teenagers lah) they tend to do things we forbid so my idea is to be lenient and communicate with them. *sigh* so hard parenting

  11. twinsmom, me too, me too.

    thquah, we can only teach them the right values and hopefully they don't mix with the wrong company as thats harder to control.

    fishtail, yup. Disgusting is the word.

    Along, 5Xmom, Ya susah lah parenting.

  12. Blog in the head ah? I always do that, but never get it written. Always forget the detail, and also mood lost when in front of PC.


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