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Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm Ready For Toilet Training

I'm ready for toilet training.......No.......not toddler...... but me, MG, I ...... am ready for toilet training.

Toddler showed many signs of readiness a long time ago but then.....

  • I was too busy puking in the toilet bowl to take anyone there (when pregnant with baby)
  • I was too busy eating (during the second trimester)
  • I was too big and tired (in the third trimester. I was huge! My friend called me a beached whale and I think anyone who saw me in public places would be afraid.... very afraid... that I was going to pop anytime. No way was I ready to toilet train then!)
  • I was too busy recovering from birth (After baby arrived and during confinement)
  • I was too busy breastfeeding (During the first few months with baby)
  • I was too busy preparing, cooking and blending baby food (When baby started solids)

And now.... tada.... I'm ready for toilet training (or rather I've run out of excuses :PpP).

So, I don't care if anyone looks at me or toddler in a pitiful/sorry manner and say "She's still not toilet trained?" and I tune off when a "well meaning" colleague pulled up toddler's dress (a year ago) and said "She's still in diapers. Why don't you train her? Its very easy.....blah blah blah." (Sorry but I can't remember what else she said after that as I was not really interested to know how her maid or mum or she took her child to the toilet every hour nor am I keen to know of how some friend toilet trained their baby by one year old).

To me, parenting is a case of "To each his own". There is no need to worry about what the books or your friends/neighbours/relatives or doctors (ok this one maybe need to worry a little bit) have to say about your parenting "skills" as there really is no wrong or right. Whatever feels right for you and your child, is right. Thats it. Its as simple as that.

And so, if your child learns to go to toilet early, well then good for you, you save on diaper money, and if mine learns to go to toilet before she goes to university, thats my business. At least starting late has its benefits, no potty on the floor for toddler. Its straight to the adults toilet seat for toddler so that this lazy & busy mama can just flush when she's done. No cleaning of potty required.


  1. yalor..when start toilet training, mama oso gotta train oso ahh..hehe..
    then i think better start later lah...maybe until no diaper fix SQ's size? hehe..I think quite soon oso lah...Now she oledi wear L size liao lah..:(

  2. Those who say its easy probably have got their maids or mum to do it. You really have to be ready for it. Running to the toilet with the toddler everytime she needs to no matter what you are doing and whwre you are, cleaning up all the accidents is hard work and you should be ready for it

    I was lucky as I had my maid to start the process. Still a long way to go as Alysha is in diapers when she goes out and sleeps at night.

    Good Luck!

  3. Well said .. MG... !!! i support you 200% ok.. :)

  4. Thank you thank you! This is the affirmation we need. :)

  5. msau, got XL size summore. ;)

    Shamira, Same to you!

    MrsT, :)

    james, so Jesse's gonna ditch the diapers before he goes to university as well izzit?

  6. Lazy worms aldy leave ur body liao har?

  7. Lazy worms aldy leave ur body liao har?

  8. Lazy worms aldy leave ur body liao har?

  9. have ever seen an adult in diapers? eventually they will get the hang of doing business in the toilet. so who's to say when they should be trained??

    And for that matter, what does it matter when my baby walks/eats solids/talks/reads/watches tv?? have you seen an adult crawl around, eat porridge, gurgle nonsense and stare at the tv mindlessly (ok, maybe some adults still do the tv bit)?

    point is babies will develop in their own pace and i don't give a hoot how fast other similar aged babies are developing. and who cares whether my kid can read at 2 yrs or 6 yrs? is this a guarantee to success in life??

    sorry if i had digressed from the topic. a bit stressed out from 'baby comparison'!!

  10. toilet training eh? gotta check out the manual that came with baby sueanne. hehehehe ;)

  11. :) Ya loh, toilet training actually very tiring and stressed. MIL used to pressue me and the confinement lady to start potty training (not toilet yet) even since day 1. Of course CL cannot tahan, never followed.

  12. My first son i toilet train him when he 6 mth old till he know to say want go toilet that time he is 2 years old. So now for the girls i let it be no toilet train till their 18 month. Soon they will turn to 18 mth so will start my nitemare (have to save a lot of money on the diapers and if well train i no need wash so many nappy :P)

  13. Yeah since it's ur child, u have the right to toilet train as & when u wish. No one has the right to tell u when to do it. Wishing you all the best & don't 2 stressed ok.

  14. Hay Mumsgather...I need this kind of 'encouraging words'. Thx.
    My 3yr4mo Bea1 is still in diapers, despite our 'weak' attemps to train her. Seriously, she chooses that way....no need to run to toilet, she even likes it when we bought her those pull-ups training pants diapers. But she looks interested in the adult's toilet now...that's a good sign, I hope!

  15. Jason, I got lazy bones meh? (*puzzled*)

    kc, Haha, Who's been comparing babies with you?? Nvm, come to the blogs cos at the blogs we don't compare babies but rather we admire each other's babies and we share and marvel at our childrens developments.

    Wah Belacan, Your SueAnne got come with manual one! How come you didn't check the manual on how to handle Remote Control biting. Hehe.

    Lazybone, Since Day 1 ah. No joke.

    1+2mom, I very lazy wan. Never washed a nappy in my life before. :PpP

    A&A'smom, thanks for the reminder.

    mama22beas, Ah..another mama whose child going to be in diapers before university. Great. I love company!

  16. a whole site about parenting... someone has a lot of free time!

  17. MG, since the girls turns 6 months old, I started getting all this "why not potty train" statement, and my reply was: "are you the one who take them to the toilet?" and every answer I got was their maid or their mum or their MIL did the job.
    tell them: "they are your kid or my kid? you take care or I take care? use your money or my money to buy diapers? "
    cheh! easy to say.

  18. twinsmom, no need to talk so much lah, waste breath, just go in one ear and go out the other. ;)


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