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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Emotional Blackmail

There is emotional blackmail going on in my house!

Example 1

Baby is very good at this. Now that he can crawl quite fast, he likes to follow me around the house. Crawl, crawl, crawl after mummy crying softly for attention. Bad mommy runs away or tries to hide from baby but baby won't give up. Crawl, crawl, crawl after mummy crying harder all the time. Ah.... found mummy at last. Now goes up on a kneeling position with arms outstretch and crying even harder. If that doesn't work than baby pulls himself up using mummy as prop and stands wobbly there (looking as if he is going to fall down anytime) crying very hard, tears rolling down his little face which is turning red now from all his efforts, little beads of sweat starting to collect on his head and face.

Mummy picks baby up and baby stops crying abrubtly and smiles. Sometimes he even laughs! Now if thats not emotional blackmail, I don't know what is.

Example 2

I usually try to let baby and toddler have an afternoon nap at the same time but sometimes this doesn't work out and they end up disturbing each other instead. When that happens, I usually separate the siblings by taking baby out and leaving toddler in the room. Sometimes she is a good girl and goes to sleep on her own but sometimes she will cry loudly or shout for me. "Mummy, come here!". I usually ignore her but will go and check on her if its too long because safety comes first. Must make sure she is not up to too much mischief on her own.

When I go in to check on her:

Annoyed MG: Why are you standing on the bed shouting for mummy? You are supposed to put your head on the pillow, close your eyes and sleep.

Toddler: Because I want to hug hug you........ (tears rolling down her face).

Now if thats not emotional blackmail, I don't know what is.

Hmmm..... my kids have me wrapped around their tiny little fingers.


  1. Sigh, nowadays children are all very smart lah! They know how to 'play' with our emotion one... Ian also like that. He now knows if crying doesn't help, he will pretend to vomit - immediately he will be picked up. Sigh!

  2. haha..yalor..maybe only the child able to bully mama wan lah.. make us feel like little women infront of them...hehe

  3. don't give in to blackmail!!! call the police!!!

    but parents sure give way one lar...

  4. Never mind, we do the same thing when we are old. Revenge. Hahaha!!!!

  5. haha...
    Are they showing that reality TV show Super Nanny in Malaysia by any chance?

    Brilliant show.

    She'll have a few choice words to say about emotional blackmail... LOL

  6. 5xmom: we can do the same thing, but I'm sure children will not respond to us the same way we do to them lah! It is sad to think this way, but it is mostly true. You can call me pesimist, but I really think that loh.

  7. We got the same thing happen in my house. My son sometime dunwan sleep together with his sisters then he will watch VCD next door but sometime he want me to accompany him :(

    Sometime he got good temper that day he will said :"mommy let mei mei oii oii(sleep) first afterward mommy will come to boy boy."

  8. Your blogs describe my kids so aptly!! Maybe you should blog on my behalf!! :D Once I couldn't carry my baby (halfway cooking), he pulled my pants until they dropped!! (the elastic wasn't very tight as you can tell!! :D :D ) And when that didn't work, he laid himself face down and bawled his lungs out...

    Sad to say what is cute and acceptable from a baby is disgusting and usually intolerable from old folks. Eg. we can wash sh*t from a baby's bum without any fuss, but when it comes to the old folks, mutter mutter curse curse... :(

  9. Lazybone, so far I haven't encountered vomit, only pretend cough from toddler but baby is getting a little bit (a lot) clingy these days.

    msau, yah small fellow but big bully.

    Simon, I need to call the police fast! I'm being held emotional hostage and the hostage takers are professionals in their field.

    5Xmom, good idea. You started already ah?

    solb1kenobi, not that I know of but then I'm outdated, no Astro in my house so I wouldn't know if they're showing it on Astro.

    1+2mom, sometimes I have to walk baby a little bit to help him to sleep and toddler will walk up and down with me to get her teddy bear to sleep.

    kc, "Once I couldn't carry my baby (halfway cooking), he pulled my pants until they dropped!! "


  10. Aiyoh, I still use this form of blackmail sometimes...hee! hee! with my loh-koong when the tough method doesn't work!

  11. *sigh* another mommy who "die" in the kids' finger tip...when we thought we gain full "control" on them, they turns the table!

  12. Yes.. and they are great manipulators too.. ;) hahah!!
    But donch we love every oz of them..??!!??

  13. BKworm, Wah, can give example ah. I try.

    twinsmom, yah yah, got control, no control, got control, no control.....

    mrst, yup every single oz.

  14. Exactly what's happenning in my house also. Haiya..I think it's a big conspiracylah. All the babies and toddlers have phone conference and receive newsletters on how to manipulate their parents.

    Must be!!

  15. Along, maybe your child phoned mine!

  16. "Because I want to hug hug you...."

    Awww...kids nowadays, they just know how to melt your heart.

  17. ya loh papi, they very clever to ambil hati wan.

  18. Despite all the emotional blackmailing they do - kids are so cuteeeee :ppp

  19. I am looking everywhere for born shoes and born shoes, while doing so I somehow stumbled onto your born shoes blog. I am happy to say I learned something and will look into this further...

    Thanks for the great posts...


  20. Keith used to do that crocodile tears thingy too. Wat to do? They just know our weaknesses.Hehe......


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