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Friday, May 27, 2005

Happily Married, I am.

This time 4 years ago, I was busy serving tea to my elders and we were having the greatest time laughing and enjoying ourselves. I had the greatest wedding ever and we talked about it for months afterwards. They say that you will feel stressed on the big day but we didn't feel any stress at all. We just felt happy and we had a lot of fun because of my joker hubby. The photos showed our happiness and I like to look at them over and over again.

We didn't have a tai kam poh (is that what you call those expert person who will help you through the tea and other ceremonies?) so we just did everything ourselves, right or wrong and thats the fun of it. Big sister did the tea pouring and when it came to her turn to be served, second sister poured tea instead and we didn't know how to address them when serving the tea so it was really hilarious fun.

We got registered on 26th and had the ceremony on 27th so now we can celebrate our anniversary over two whole days. Whoopee!! (If forget on 26th still got another chance to remember the next day!)

This post is dedicated to my beloved hubby, Mr MG. Happy Annivesary to my love. You don't read my blog so I will have to email this post to you. Hehe.

You know you married the right man when.....
  • he makes you laugh even when you are busy being angry or arguing with him
  • he waits patiently for you to make up your fickle mind on what shoes to buy/what to eat for dinner
  • he never sounds impatient over the phone even if you happen to call when he is very busy at work
  • you think he looks very smart in his work outfit and each time he has a haircut you go "Wow, my man looks good!"
  • you think he looks sexy in his new boxer shorts and white T-shirt ;-)
  • he shows his appreciation when you cook a meal once in a blue moon and doesn't mind eating/buying takeout the rest of the time
  • he doesn't notice/pretends not to notice the dust on the shelves or wipes it off quietly himself with a wet cloth
  • he always makes sure things are working well around the house as soon as it breaks down
  • he goes and buys new food for you to try even though he likes to eat the same food, is unsure of what to order and hates to queue up to buy and wait for food to be cooked
  • he is your best friend and confidante
  • he tries his best to put a smile on your face when you're feeling unhappy or stressed
  • you begin to enjoy watching his kungfu movies and reading marvel comics with him
  • you look forward to the weekends so you can spend more time with him
  • he works very hard, sometimes under stress to try to make sure you don't have to worry about your family's future financial security
  • you think he smells nice and manly ;-)
  • you see him visibly trying to hold back his words of anger instead of shouting back at you during an argument
  • he looks so happy on Saturday morning when you cook Instant Mee Goreng for his breakfast (so easy to please my man)
  • your face light up and you beam the whole day just because he got you a teddy bear and card for your anniversary (I feel like a teenager today. Hehe)

Ok. Enough teenage daydreaming for the day. Gotta go and do some real woman work around the house now.


  1. Happy Anniversary.. MG!!! Enjoy...!!

  2. aww... happy anniversary MG! have a good time celebrating!


  4. wah, happy 4th anniversary! now, me gotta find a software to block Mrs B from visiting here and compare me with Mr MG. muahahahahar!

  5. wa, so touching, you wrote all that! at first i thought cut & paste from somewhere. Many happy years to come and joyfully white hair til old!

  6. " he looks so happy on Saturday morning when you cook Instant Mee Goreng for his breakfast (so easy to please my man)"
    Belachan - see, see, I make chicken and cheese sandwich for you in the busy morning rush and you say you didnt notice whether it was nice or not as you just wolf it down anyway, i am so hurt!

  7. Happy Anniversary & wishing you a marriage of happiness & love till eternity. What u wrote is so true. Since ours was an arranged marriage our love only blossomed after marriage & it's been 12 yrs aready !

  8. May many more anniversary to come and be happy always.

  9. I read through every single line and must say that with the contentment you have, you are going to be soooo happily married for many, many decades to come.

    Happy Anniversary MG and Mr MG. (I also hope he reads.)

    Lilian who has been married for 16 years!

  10. wah..so envy you got a very nice husband.

    Happy Anniversary to MR MG & MG!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary Mr MG & MG! :)

  12. Awww...such a sweet post...
    Happied Anniversary, MG !

  13. Happy anniversary! So touched by this post lah! Dunno you or your hubby lucky - no lah, BOTH are lucky because you found the right ONE. :)

  14. Happy anniversary! Bak Tou Dou Lou, Zhi Suen Mun Tong...

    Thank you, MG. (You will know why alter. :))

  15. Thanks for the nice wishes everyone.

    MrB, Obviously you didn't find that software fast enuf. Hahaha.

    MrsB, Very easy to write. Just stop for a moment and think. I'm sure you have many good things to write of MrB too. ;)

    A&A's mom, I have friends in arrange marriages like you and they turned out to be very matching couples.

    Lilian, Sure have to read what. I copy and paste post as entire email instead of just sending link. Hahaha.

    Inagaki, Eh?? Since when you became inagaki???

    Lazybone, when we first met 12 years ago, we didn't go like "He's/She's the one. I think our relationship got better over the years, especially after marriage.

    Jason, Thank you for what?? What?? Don't lah keep me in suspense?

  16. Happy Anniversary...sori a bit late!

    "he makes you laugh even when you are busy being angry or arguing with him"

    That reminds me of mine!

  17. wah wah wah annivessary. Happy annivessary and many more happiness in the year to come...while growing old together

  18. Oop! I'm late :P.
    Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary wor.
    very happy lar to read your anniversary blog.
    and twinsdad also a kungfu movie fans and marvel comic fans!

  19. Hiay..late also. Happy Anniversary. May you have lots more to come.


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