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Monday, October 09, 2006

Cotton Ball Craft for Kids

To me the best candidate for a cotton ball craft are sheeps and clouds. With that in mind, that was exactly what we did for our craft using cotton balls.

I try to give my girl English, Math and Science lessons. Initially my intention was to leave Friday free for Arts and Crafts lessons but I got lazy. So Arts and Crafts is reserved for when mummy is not feeling lazy. Poor little girl!

Anyway, here is a simple craft we did using cotton balls on one fine day when mummy was not feeling lazy. (Hey! It takes some effort you know, the setting up and cleaning up. I usually do it just before the kids bathtime).

This was what we used for our little cotton ball craft:

  1. Paper
  2. Paints
  3. Colour Pen
  4. Cotton Balls (naturally)
  5. Glue

This was what we did:

  1. Draw a simple farm scene with green hills, blue skies and sheep
  2. Paint the scene
  3. Glue the cotton balls onto the clouds and sheep's body and crown
  4. Draw in some finer details like eyes and other fine lines using colour pens

As usual baby likes to join in the Arts and Craft "class". By joining in, he gets to learn to draw lines and recognise colours. Anything that his sister does, he wants to do too. And thats why I had to draw a replica of his sister's picture for him to paint and whatever she paints, he wants to paint too and he would go "I want, I want. I want .... blue/green" I think its a great and fun way for him to learn about colours so I let him join in. His painting skills is not too bad as well and he listens to instructions well by not mixing the blues for his skies with the greens for his grass and hills.

This is baby's version of the Cotton Ball Sheep Art.

This is his sister's version which is slightly more complicated with more details like the fence.

Doing crafts is one of the ways of spending quality time with the kids.


  1. Your kids are pretty good at this. I remember doing this when I was in Std 3 or so...it was a choo-choo train white balls for clouds and grey cottonballs for smoke! And I believe I did a 3-in-1 also for sheep...kiasu? More like desperate artist.

  2. hey! Your lil boy is quite good. I think mine will just have a field day mixing all the colours up!

  3. Wow, that's so cool and creative.

  4. Very nice.. wanna try make an art using beans? Very nice also..

  5. Sooooo nice!!! I mean the pictures look so nice! I will now certainly try this art stuff with my older girl. Thanks for popping by MG! By the way, do you homeschool your children? Do you plan on homeschooling them? Just wondering. Take care!

  6. Your boy is good. My son can't paint within border.. he would just mix everything up.

    Great craft!

  7. kittycat,
    Wah, you still remember what you did in Std 3 ah?

    Yes, he surprised me too. In fact he had more discipline with the colours then his sister who always wants to paint everything blue just because blue is her favourite colour. *rolls eyes*

    These days its really not hard at all to be "creative". There are so many resources from the internet.

    Beans? How ar? Did you blog about it? Give the link lah. Then I come and kaypoh and get some more ideas.

    Homeschooling is not for me. I think it takes a lot of discipline and commitment. However, I can do some "homeschooling" (if you can call it that) at the preschool and kindergarden stages. Thats not too hard. Lol!

    I'm sure if left alone without me shouting "Ok. Ok. Stop there now." he would paint all over the place too. Hehe.

  8. very nice art pieces...will copycat ur idea for erika...as for ellisa, she will be painting herself more than the paper!

  9. Very Nice... I'm going home to try it.

  10. mommy of two angels,
    Paint herself nevermind as long as she has fun. Hehe.

    You are one hardworking Papa!

  11. Wow, your boy knows how to paint nicely already? That's good!

  12. Woww..very nice. Where do you get all the ideas for the art?

  13. wah! so cute ler! Your kids are really artistic leh... and a really creative mommy too!

  14. I agree with you that arts and crafts are for days that mommy is not too lazy. The setting up, then cleaning up... sigh! Best thing I did was to teach my girl to clean up. hahahahah.
    Oh, btw, another easy to do art is using candle to make patterns and then paint over it. The patterns will magically appear as they paint. Kids love that. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

  15. huisia,
    With some guidance can lah.

    From the internet and from reading blogs.

    No lar. Idea is borrowed one. Picture oso we copy from one of their books one. When they're older than can draw their own picture but for now mummy who is not very artistic copy the picture from a book.

    No, I don't know what you're talking about. Lol! If you have done the candle wax craft with your kids and have blogged about it before, please give me the link!

  16. Ya, I can remember it coz it was fun! What Lian means is that you could take a stick of candle and use it to draw a picture/patterns on a pc of drawing paper. Then, get your son to paint colors over it - the wax picture/pattern will appear as if by magic! It's actually like batik printing lor...try it, I'm sure your son will be very excited!

    P/S Tks for adding me to ur blogroll - can change my name to KittyCat and link to Blogspot ah? Thanks ha

  17. whoa...bb can paint quite well lerr...so much better than faythe lehh

    and ur drawing is nice too ;)

    with all these craft, where do u store them? Blog bout it lah, can give some ideas

  18. kittycat,

    I dunno where to store.......


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