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Monday, October 02, 2006

Only Mummy Knows

They say that usually only a mother understands her child's baby language. I guess thats true too for any child minder who is with the child a lot, dads, grandparents, babysitters, maids, siblings.

My boy has just started to talk a lot recently and being closest to him throughout the day, most days, usually I know what he wants when others don't. In fact, his sister knows even better than me most of the time. Sometimes I have to ask her "What does baby want?" when he mumbles something and she usually knows exactly what he wants. Lol!

For example, one of the things he says which only me and my girl understand is this.

"I want. I want. I want bue nee na. I want bue nee na."

When he says this, we know he means "I want ribena in my blue cup." Haha. Just wanted to jot this down for remembrance during this cute stage of baby's language development. They grow up so fast. *happy sigh*


  1. "I want toe teh". Guess what my daughter wants?

  2. hi MG, very new in blogging world, read ur blogs, enjoy reading them. never track down my childrens milestone, what a waste. yesterday my 10 months old bb said mama, but she's suppose to call me ibu..

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  4. who deciphered that out??? I wudn't hv a clue if my kids said that!!! HAHAH!! Good one!

  5. Yeah i noticed that bro in sis knows what the younger wants better than any body too!

  6. Haha...I was trying to work out what your toddler wanted....bue ne na....(aiyah easy lor).
    I tried to guess and I thought I couldn't go far wrong. I thought it to be 'banana'.
    Yes what, 'bue nee na' sounds like 'banana' what? :))
    Err, so, bue for blue? Nee na is short for Ribena? Clever boy, can do short words (verbal form of short hand).

  7. hahaha...nee na...my girls called it mamina!

    i often ask my older girl what her sister say.

  8. wah u can decode the language pretty well..for me sometimes i really can't figure out until my girl drag me there n point to me...shame shame on me

  9. My son calls it bina instead of ribena, and bana instead of banana.

  10. pablopabla,
    Wait a minute now. Is it a game, a drink or a foot massage? Hahaha.

    "Mama" or "Ibu" they both are music to your ears. So when are you starting a blog?

    Its not that hard to decipher.

    Yes, since they play with each other and even "quarrel" with each other, baby using his baby language to "quarrel" or "scold" his sister.

    Hehe. Banana is "Nana", another short form.

    Sounds like "Mummy, nah!" Lol!

    I learned after a few of those pointing out mah.

    Its easier for them to say it that way and it sounds cute!

  11. Water!! Definately not some tea with toe soaked in it.

  12. I thought he meant 'banana' too!

  13. pablopabla,
    At least, one of my guesses was right. Its a drink. Think I'll go have some toe teh now. You want some bue nee na?

    Yah, haha. It does sound a bit like banana come to think of it but he calls banana "nana" and its one of his favourite fruits. He can eat more than 2 at a go if I don't stop him.

  14. aiyo...so cute neh... my Darrius is in the early speech phase too and sometimes he wanted to say something but only "baahhbbaaahhbaahbbaahhh" is out from his mouth so have to look at his expression...to get a hint.

  15. angeleyes,
    The babbling stage is very cute too and like you say, their expression says it.

  16. It is very interesting indeed ... now this is my girl version ... of 100plus = "ha pi pat"


  17. Hi Jessie,
    Welcome to my blog. Haha. I want some "ha pi pat" too. Sounds so cute.


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