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Thursday, September 17, 2009

ABRSM Grade 1 Piano Test Results

Coincidentally, after I wrote the piano post on my own blog, my girl's teacher gave her the results for her first ABRSM Grade 1 Piano Test Results. So now we have even more reason to be happy over the piano.

The girl passed with a Distinction with 137 out of 150 marks. The examiner wrote very good comments for her in all the areas ie 3 exam pieces, Scales and Arpeggios, Sight Reading and Aural Tests. The examiner used words like "sprightly performance", "expressive", "played with conviction", "pleasing shape", "confident, fluent, accurate" and "excellent response" while noting some "stumbles with quick recovery", "coordination laspes but playing was assured" and "need for care in synchronisation but a confident approach".

As an overall comment, the examiner wrote "A wonderful start with your supporting tests of a very high standard."

We are very happy for the girl. I sat down with her and explained to her what all those "big big words" used by the examiner meant.

What I am happiest about is the fact that this is another good opportunity for us to boost her confidence.


  1. Well done and keep up the good work, girl! :D

    PS: by the way , the examiners still mat salleh from UK these days?

  2. Yes, they were Mat Salleh. She had a very nice examiner who was a lady who did a lot of social work. Maybe that helped. :)

  3. congrats.... i never scored a distinction in music before....

  4. Congratulations. Very very happy for you & your girl. 137 is very high marks. I never scored a distinction too...my highest for piano is oni 128 :(.

  5. Congrats!! Your gal did very well :)

  6. oh....so happy for her. Distinction is a big thing!!!

    Hope it is a great motivation for her!

  7. Wa.. well done.
    She has just started this not long right? So fast got exams already?

  8. Ok ok.. I had the wrong child in mind when I wrote this.. (mixed up).

  9. Well done, you have a brilliant kid.


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