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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Challenge

The kids are still excited and being good about the challenges they have been given to earn stickers and tokens as reward.

Some of their challenges include:

  • Do things fast
  • Eat yourself
  • Do things yourself including homework, pack school bag, get ready for school, get ready for bed (brush teeth, change clothes and hang in proper places etc)
  • Be Helpful (help mummy make beds, pick up toys etc)
  • Be Quiet during naptime or bedtime
  • No Pestering (for the older one)
  • No Pinching mummy's face (for the younger one)
After a week and a half of doing the rewards chart for various challenges, the kids gave me a challenge.

"Mummy, your challenge is not scolding. If you don't scold us for 5 days, you get a sticker. If you don't scold us for 7 days, you get a token."

Here is the reward chart and how the kids are doing in meeting their goals.


  1. ooooooooooooo that hurts right...to hear from ur kids n ask us not to scold/nag ....tsk tsk

  2. haha...hope you are coping well with the challenge given by your kids :)

  3. That's a good one! Hahahaha...

    Did you dare take up the challenge?

  4. jazzmint,
    Yah, really kena. Haha.

    Kids are always smart.

    No wor, it didn't hurt. I just thought it was funny. hahaha.

    Fussy mum,
    I am not coping well at all!

    I dare not take up the challenge for I will fail miserably. :P

  5. How cute! That must be the most difficult challenge for a mother!


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