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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teaching the Kids English Grammar

I never learned grammar in school because I was not taught grammar in school. So I do not know my nouns and verbs and adjectives. I didn't even know what these words meant until recently!

My girl who is now in Primary One is studying in a Chinese school now. I can see that they really teach them the use of the Chinese language in great detail. Even the Malay language is being taught in detail. They teach them Malay grammar but not English grammar in school. They are taught Kata Nama Am (which are nouns), Kata Kerja (Verbs) etc but not the English equivalent.

I wonder why not. It would be so simple to include those in the syllabus and it would even help in the learning of Malay since there would by synergy then.

Anyway, I use the Longman Esensi (Panduan Revisi untuk Sukses) to teach my girl BM. In it, under "Pemahaman", I find

Kata Nama Am (Nouns)
Kata Nama Khas (Proper Nouns)
Kata Ganti Nama Diri (Pronouns)
Kata Ganti Nama Tunjuk (Demonstrative Pronouns)
Kata Kerja Transitif (Transitive Verbs)
Kata Kerja Tak Transitif (Intransitive Verbs)
Kata Hubung (Conjuctions)
Kata Arah (Prepositions)
Kata Adjektif (Adjectives)
Simpulan Bahasa (Idiom/Set Phrase)

..... and others. I had to use my trusted Besta electronic dictionary to translate those.

When I teach my kids English, I have to tell her... that is a "Kata nama Am" when explaining to her that names, animals, things and places are nouns.

So I was delighted when I found this set of books.

It is the Beginner's Grammar Guide for Preschoolers series. In the preface it is mentioned that the books are for kids aged from 5-6. (At age 43, I find it quite interesting too since I have never learned English grammar. lol.) It is a set of 5 books. Hubby missed out one book on "Articles and Connectors" because he did not see it thats why I have only 4. I bought it at Popular Book Store at RM5.00 each.

We are now using it to teach our 5 and 7 year old. I think it is great to give the kids a good foundation in English grammar. The schools do not teach it so we must do it ourselves.

I will be using this set of books plus the grammar videos on My YouTube Channel Educational Series Playlist to teach the kids English Grammar.

Thumbs up given my MG for this set of books. :)



  1. >>So I do not know my nouns and verbs and adjectives. I didn't even know what these words meant until recently!

    MG, you never learnt this? How old are you? which generation are you from? :p

  2. mollycoddle,
    Haha. I am 43. The first "Proud" batch or generation of students to have everything switched to learning in BM. I did not learn grammar in school because they did not teach us grammar in school. I learn English through reading, lots of reading.

  3. I would like to add that they still do not teach English grammar in schools. The English text book for my girl is so simplistic (its really quite pathetic) compared to her BM and Chinese.

  4. My mum made us learn our grammar. In fact I know some nurseries who teach grammar now.

    I will have to do the same for my son.

    I think they don't teach in school becuase it is not 'required' teaching! Coz I never learnt it from school too.

  5. Yup, the Chinese sch English is too simple. We have to boost up the children's English ourselves.

  6. my opinion@ we still need to teach our children to read!! a lot of reading!!! grammar came from reading, comprehension too. so, dear mumgather---use your method to teach your child!!!they will thanks you one day!!!I came from a chinese school, don't even know how to write pumpkin while in the university!!!!but I was lucky i met an english lecturer and he thought me to start with reading story book/magazine/newspaper!!!Now, look at me, working in multinational company and can speak and write standard english!!!!so,encourage them to read!!!!


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