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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr Men and Little Miss Series

I love the Mr Men and Little Miss series of books and cartoons. The cartoon is really adorable and there is usually a little moral behind the stories with titles like Little Miss Fickle, Little Miss Shy, Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Late, Little Miss Stubborn, Mr Messy, Mr Happy, etc.

Its simple and easy to relate to for kids. Its also easy for parents to try to tell the child something by reading a story to them. Telling them they are fickle won't get you anywhere. However, reading to them a Little Miss Fickle storybook and pointing out about how fickle they can be sometimes gets the message across with lots of giggles and laughter in the process.

Little Miss Magic is my kids favourite. The kids love any stories that tell them about how they can "magic" things.

After reading the stories to them at bedtime, I make their stories "come alive" like "magic" by letting them watch the same story on YouTube.

You can watch more Mr Men and Little Miss videos on my YouTube Channel Playlist.



  1. Yeah...I love them too...and love the shirts as well! ;)

  2. My girls love these books too..

  3. Where did u get these books? It will be a great read for my kids.

    We used to have one when we were small. It was red, big and thick book and my sister loved to draw them. But we dun know where's that book now.

  4. Ann,
    I haven't noticed the shirts before, next time I must pay attention.

    Zara's mama,
    I love them too! Haha.

    I've seen them at MPH and Borders.


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