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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Imbuhan Awalan teR For Primary School

For me, the Imbuhan Awalan teR is the easiest to understand. To help you primary school child understand understand the Imbuhan Awalan teR..
  1. Explain the standard rules (in general as in beR use te for words starting with R and ter for others)
  2. Explain the meaning of the word when "teR" is added to the kata dasar or root word and finally (the most common is "accidentally" or "the most"

  3. Imbuhan Practise.
Here are the resources to do the above:
  • Explain the meaning of the words when the Imbuhan teR is included

  • Practise using Imbuhan teR

  • Note: In the Malay Language "Imbuhan Awalan" is the affixing of affixes (Imbuhan Awalan) onto a root word (Kata Dasar). "Imbuhan Akhiran" are called Suffixes.

    I have prepared this for teaching my 8 year old who is doing the KSSR Primary 2 this year so I have picked resources which are simple and easy to understand. My Primary 4 girl learns some new things from this too.

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