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Monday, August 13, 2012

Imbuhan Awalan beR For Primary School

Both my kids who are in primary school sometimes have a hard time understanding the concept of imbuhan when learning Bahasa Malaysia. I am rather confused by it too at times. This makes it hard for me to teach them.

Today, I decided to tackle the Imbuhan problem by searching for online help. There are many sites explaining about the proper or correct use of imbuhan. However, I find most of them complicated and more for secondary school learners.

It is too hard to tackle all of the imbuhan all at once. So, I am going to start with the easiest which is Imbuhan Awalan beR and I am going to tailor it for Primary School learners. Please note that these resources are not created me. I found them online.

I found some gems when I was searching online for resources and I am going to share them with you now.

Here are some resources you can use to teach your primary school child the imbuhan awalan ber.

  • To teach your child when to use the imbuhan be, bel and ber, you can use this explanation on bentuk awalan beR. There are two parts on this page. I used the "Bentuk Awalan beR" to explain to my child when to use be, bel or ber. I skipped the part on "Makna Awalan beR" because I think it is too complicated for him at this stage.
  • Here is a cute slideshow to explain the use of Imbuhan Awalan beR and teR For Primary School Usage. It reinforces 1 above on when to use be, bel or ber. 
  • Finally, it is time for some practise. Here is an excellent resource for Imbuhan Practise for Primary School. You will find many imbuhan practise but for the purpose of this post, go straight to Imbuhan Ber. There are two sets of practise papers for Imbuhan beR with 15 questions each. It has colorful cartoons too. You may choose to practise by pdf  download, slideshow (as embedded below) or by using a printable worksheet without color. At the end of the list you will also find a short and sweet slideshow on Imbuhan beR for P2 and P3 students (as embedded at the top of this post).
There you go. The mystery of Imbuhan beR demystified. At last, I understand it myself. I hope that by putting it together like this, it will help other Primary School parents who are helping their child with their studies themselves without tuition.

Note: I have purposely picked these resources because of its simplicity for lower Primary Students. My kids are in Primary 2 and Primary 4. It is suitable for my Primary 2 child although it benefits my Primary 4 girl as well.

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  1. Hi MG,

    Thanks for sharing the slides :). Simple way to understand the imbuhan. Guess we, as parents, have to keep learning too esp for languages like BM and even English ;P. Have a good Raya school break.

  2. Hello Greg, I'm glad you found them useful. Hope you have a good break too. :)


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