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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Imbuhan Awalan meN for Primary School

After learning the Imbuhan Awalan beR and Imbuhan Awalan teR, we are now going to tackle or learn the Imbuhan meN which is a little bit more complicated since there are many variations including me, mem, men, meng, menge. It is very important knowledge to teach the child when to use each variation for example you use mem for root words starting with b, f and p. Sometimes you have to change the first vowel as well when you add in the Imbuhan meN.

As before, lets learn the Imbuhan Awalan meN in 3 steps:
  1. Read up on the rules of when to use me, mem, men, meng and menge and the meaning of words when you attach these affixes
  2. View some examples of the usage of Imbuhan meN
  3. Practise using the Imbuhan Awalan meN

Here are the resources to do the above 3 steps:
  • Read up on when to use me, mem, men, meng and menge. There's even a song for learning the Imbuhan Awalan meN. I don't know how to sing the song. Its supposed to be sung to the tune of the two tigers song but I can't get it to sync. Anyway, here are the lyrics to the meN song. You can always make up your own tune. Anything to help your child have fun learning and to help them remember. There is quite a lot to remember. 
  • View some examples and reinforce 1 above

  • Finally, you can get your child to practise using the Imbuhan meN
Imbuhan meN For Root Words (Kata Dasar) starting with "B"

Imbuhan meN For Root Words (Kata Dasar) starting with "C"

Imbuhan meN For Root Words (Kata Dasar) starting with "D"

Note: I prepared this as Lesson Plans for my Primary 2 child. These are suitable for lower Primary 1-3 Students, however older students may find these useful as a reminder.

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