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Monday, October 13, 2014

Using Zentangle Inspired Art For Kids As A Quick Halloween Craft

Here's a very quick Halloween Craft you can do with kids of any age. You can get kids to create a quick zentangle insprired art for this Halloween.

Zentangle is the art of drawing repeated patterns on tiles or square papers using black ink on white paper. Zentangle inspired art is using the same format of drawing repeated patterns but you don't have to limit yourself to drawing on tiles.

I find Zentangle a very enjoyable art form. It is really easy too and the results are lovely. Anyone can tangle (create beautiful art with zentangle). That's why this is a very enjoyable activity for kids who like to draw. Kids can tangle too because it is easy and fun.

Tip: You can check out these books on Zentangle if you have never heard of it before.

Here are my suggestions for a quick Halloween Craft For Kids.

What You Will Need:

1. A drawing pad
2. Pens with thick inks in black or a Zentangle Clamshell Pencil Set

I'm using my favorite Sharpie.

This is my collection of Halloween theme Zentangle Inspired Art For Kids

When you think of Halloween, what do you think of? I think of cats, bats, spiders, pumpkins and a witch's hat. You can get kids to do Zentangle Inspired drawings as a quick Halloween craft. Here are some ideas for you.

1. A Zentangle Inspired Drawing Of A Pumpkin

Zentangle Inspired Pumpkin
Zentangle Inspired Pumpkin
Here is a zentangle inspired pumpkin. Zentangle inspired art usually uses black ink but for kids, you don't have to limit yourself. I ran out of black ink. So I'm using navy blue and orange, the color of Halloween. You can use purple or green too for a Halloween theme Zentangle drawing.

2. A Zentangle Cat

Zentangle Inspired Cat
Zentangle Inspired Cat
This is my Zentangle Cat for kids. Get kids to do the drawing of an outline of a cat. Then break the cat up into manageable parts by drawing lines across its body. Finally get kids to draw in the patterns, lines, circles, triangles, squares, rectangles. It is a great way to teach kids shapes too.

3. A Zentangle Drawing Of A Halloween Spider For Kids

Zentangle Inspired Spider
Zentangle Inspired Spider
Here is a zentangle inspired drawing of a spider for kids. It is very easy to do. Just get kids to draw two circles, one of the face and a larger one for the body. Add in the legs, then break the body up into four parts for drawing zentangle patterns by drawing three lines vertically. You can break it up any how you like too. Breaking up makes it easier to draw different patterns which gives a much more interesting result. I didn't mean for my spider to have one eye but the circle or spiral pattern gave that effect.

4. Zentangle Inspired Drawing Of A Bat For Kids

Zentangle Inspired Bat

This is a zentangle inspired drawing of a bat for kids. Again, the first thing you have to do is to draw the outline of a bat, then break it up by drawing lines vertically over the body and then allow the child to draw patterns in each part. I have drawn a mirror image pattern but any other pattern is fine too. Just use your imagination.

5. Zentangle Inspired Hat

Zentangle Inspired Hat
Zentangle Inspired Hat
Finally this is a zentangle inspired drawing of a witch's hat for kids. I'm using navy blue but black is best for zentangle drawings or zentangle inspired art. I drew lines vertically and horizontally across the hat so that more zentangle patterns can be drawn to make the hat more visually attractive. It is also much easier to design and draw that way.

That is it! It is so easy. This can be a quick Halloween project with kids. Have fun. I will do another zentangle inspired drawing suggestions for kids for Christmas later on.

If you like this, please pin the following image. Thank you.

Halloween Zentangle For Kids
Halloween Zentangle For Kids


  1. I am learning Zentangle too.
    I bought some books from bookstore and start draw.
    I like to draw in black n white.


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