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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Where To Buy School Bags In Malaysia

I can't believe it's coming to the end of another year. It is the month of October. Lots of parents are shopping for school bags for their children for the new year This post is for parents with kids just starting school in the following year. Other parents would be pros by now, with lots of school bags stories, strap broken in a week, bag fell off the stairs, too big, too small etc. Plenty of stories, the most common of them all would be too heavy. Not the bags per se but rather the books in the bags but then that's another story for another day.

Here are some places you can shop for school bags. I have tried a couple myself but the rest are taken off their websites and compiled here for your quick reference. So, here they are in no particular order.

Swan School Bag
1. Swan Bag

Swan Bags have been around for a long time since 1951 to be exact. They have bags ranging for all sorts of budgets, from below RM100 to the premium back care type which is above RM350.

Two wheels, three wheels even six wheels bags are available. Backpacks, roller backs, tuition bags, they've got them all. My kids are currently using these. No complains so far accept for that hole in my pocket.

Image Credit: The 6 wheeler from Swan Bags

2. Unme School Bags
Unme School Bag
Unme is an established school bag brand from Taiwan. In 2008 a local franchisee Unme Sdn Bhd was set up. Unme's main branch is in Ipoh, Perak. Bags are imported directly from Taiwan.

Currenly you will find the pull-handle backpack, the backbone protecting school bag, the backpack on shoulders, trendy schoolbag and more among the ranges of schoolbag being offered by Unme.

Image Credit: Unme's School Bag from Unme's website.

Impact School Bag
3. Impact School Bags By Ergoland

Ergoland offers seating and desk solutions as well as backpack solutions to support young backs. The backpack solutions is in the form of its Impact Series of school bags.

The Impact Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support Backpacks are designed to promote spine care. Bags are classified according to heights for heights below 145cm for younger children and for heights below 145cm for the older ones.

They also have supplementary sling carriers which kids may need. It is not uncommon to see children lugging two or three bags to school these days.

Image Credit: Impact Range School Bag From Ergoland.
POP Kids School Bag

4. POP Kids School Bag From Popular

Popular Bookstore has a range of school bags called the POP Kids Ergonomic Lightweight School Bag available at the Stationery section of the Popular Bookstores.

You will have to check to see whether it is available at the Popular Bookstore nearest to you. Here is the Popular Bookstore Locator. It would be a good idea to call up beforehand to see if it is available to safe you an unnecessary trip.

Image Credit: Pop Kids Ergonomic Lightweight School Bag From Popular Book Store.

Here are some other places you can get school bags for kids in Malaysia.

Hopefully this puts it all in one place and easier for parents looking for school bags for kids. Make sure you do a thorough study first before you buy that first school bag. You also need to think carefully of whether you want to invest in a trolley bag or a backpack. Which floor is your child's classroom? Do you think it is worthwhile to spend more for a premium bag to protect the spine? All these need to be carefully thought out. Then when you have decided, remember to take your child along to try the bag out for size so you get the right size for him or her.

Don't forget to take the poll below to see whether other parents would spend on a premium school bag.

If you haven't read it, do check out my Quick Tips For Parents With Kids Just Entering Standard One. It includes school bag and school uniform buying tips in a graphic chart for quick reference. You may also like to read my review on School Uniform Brands In Malaysia.

Will You Pay For A Premium School Bag Poll

Do You Think It Is Worthwhile To Spend On A Premium Ergonomic School Bag?
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No, I think the school bag makers just found a way to charge more for the same thing
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