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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Beautiful Green Butterfly Chrysalis Or Pupa From Our Garden

Beautiful Green Butterfly Chrysalis Or Pupa
Beautiful Green Butterfly Chrysalis Or Pupa

We've got ourselves a beautiful green chrysalis or pupa from our garden. My girl had been asking me to catch caterpillars again. She wanted to bring one to school to watch the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly with her classmates.

So when we saw the caterpillar droppings, we quickly took out our plastic container and kept them. We got quite a few. They had been attracted to our lime trees from Chinese New Year because they love the tangy smelling leaves.

We fed it everyday with fresh leaves. Oh my, they can really eat and poop! We managed to watch a few nibbling away happily. They turned from their original black brown to bright green and they grew and grew and grew big and fat. 

Then one morning we looked and we saw this beautiful green butterfly chrysalis or pupa. It is really beautiful. It looks like some kind of green gem. We've got another about to turn into a pupa. Can't wait for them to turn into a butterfly. Then we will let it go and watch it fly away freely. 

I didn't take step by step pictures this time because we've done it before. The pupa looks different from the one we had before. I wonder what species of butterfly we got this time. If you are interested to do this at home, you can go here to read our Life Cycle Of Butterfly Experiment. Recommended to be done with kids. It is the best way to learn science.

According to this site Obession With Butterflies, ours may be a Monarch Butterfly. What a lovely name and how exciting!


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