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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Halloween Barbie Doll And Other Halloween Inspired Barbie Dolls Compared

Halloween Barbie Doll 2014

Halloween Barbie 2014 Doll 

If you are a collector, you will definitely have heard of the Barbie Halloween Dolls Collection. This year, the Halloween Barbie Doll 2014 spots a pointy witch hat with knee high boots.

I like the flared pink skirt with bat, cat and crescent moon details on it and white and black zebra touch at the bottom of the skirt. Very cool. The black necklace is a nice touch too. It goes very well with the shimmery V-necked black blouse.

I also love the pink hairstyle, yes the glorious pink locks that Barbie is spotting for the Halloween Barbie 2014 doll. Nice.
Halloween Barbie 2013

Halloween Barbie 2013 Doll
Let's move back a year and see what Barbie was wearing for Halloween Barbie 2013. Yup pink hair too but I prefer the pink hair in the 2014 version.

Black pointy hat. Check. Knee High Boots. Check.

The main difference is the outfit. In 2013, Halloween Barbie was wearing a shiny purple tank or bodice. She had a low high soft orange and purple skirt. I like that. I also like the web necklace.

However, I think Halloween Barbie 2013 should lose the ruffles she has around the neck. I don't know what that is. It kind of spoils the whole effect making the whole outfit noisy.

Halloween Barbie 2012
Halloween Barbie 2012

Let's see what Halloween Barbie 2012 has got on. Hmm.. she has the staple Pointy Witch Hat and Knee High Boots. I wish they would change this a little, maybe booties instead of knee high boots instead? It can get a little boring for a collector. If you are buying Halloween Barbie for a child, that's fine but a collector wants variety.

Let's look at her outfit. This time her skirt has web detailing. The hair has pink highlights. That's nice. I like the pink highlights on Barbie's hair.

The skirt is scalloped at the bottom and she's got a little tiny cape over her dress. Not bad.

Which Halloween Barbie Do You Like Best?
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Below are some other Halloween Inspired Barbie Dolls. They have all been given all sorts of names like Halloween Charm, Halloween Star, Halloween Treat, Bootiful Halloween, Enchanted Halloween and more. The one that catches my attention the most is the Halloween Treat Barbie Doll. Compared to the Halloween Barbies from above, this one looks much more glamorous in her long orange and purple gown.

The carousel below includes 9 Halloween Inspired Barbie Dolls plus 1 Barbie Doll Holiday Collection 2014 because I couldn't resist adding that. It is so pretty and the holidays are right after Halloween. To view the dolls on the carousel, simply press the right or left buttons to rewind or forward or press any of the dolls for more information.


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