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Friday, October 31, 2014

DLTK's Custom Printable Holiday Calendars

Printables are fun especially printables that you can customize. Today, I'd like to share with you a wonderful site called DLTK with focus on their free calendars that you can customize. DLTK stands for the initials of the owner and her family. She has a whole list of kids sites, all of them wonderful for parents looking for printables and activities or crafts to do with their children.

I especially love DLTK's free printables because they can be customized. For example, you can customize the printable calendar up to year 2022! The calendar is also available in several languages. Here is the link to DLTK's Free Printable Custom Calendars.

Besides the year and language, you can customize your calendar with a clip art or cartoon of your choice. The graphics to go with your calendar is divided into several categories and themes including...

  • Animals
  • Holidays and Seasons
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Fantasy, Music, Princesses and so much more!
The holiday and seasons ones include Valentine's, Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc. Below are a few examples of the Holiday Calendars which I just customized from DLTK. Customization is very easy. Even your child can do it themselves. 

To customize, you first have to select a monthly or yearly calendar. Then you choose the year and images you want for your calendar and pick black and white or color image. Choose the black and white if you want your child to color it themselves. You get to preview the image you have chosen. Then you click on "Create Calendar" and you can print it out immediately. Lovely!

Below are the sample holiday printable kids calendars for 2014 and 2015 which I created from the site. I made a Santa Printable Calendar For 2014. You can choose other graphics including Mrs Claus, Christmas tree, gingerbread man or elves. I also did a monthly Valentine's Day Calendar for 2015. I selected roses from a list of animals and flowers with hearts. Finally, I created a 2015 Calendar for kids using the Nursery Rhyme theme which was really unique.

I like the holiday and seasons themes for calendars because they help children learn to appreciate, countdown and feel the excitement for each holiday. I also like the nursery rhyme theme calendars there.

Please note that you may not print the calendars from this site. They are for illustration only. Please go to DLTK Free Printable Custom Calendars to customize and print your own calendar. You must also abide  by their terms of service when you use their calendars. Do stop by there to read the terms too. While you are there, you can browse around for other printables like cards, bookmarks and more. I love that they can be customized before printing. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.

DLTK's Santa Holiday Calendar For December 2014
DLTK's Santa Holiday Printable Calendar For December 2014

DLTK's Valentine Roses Calendar For February 2015
DLTK's Valentine Roses Printable Calendar For February 2015

DLTK's Kids Printable Calendar 2015
DLTK's Kids Printable Calendar 2015


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