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Friday, November 20, 2015

Creative Writing And Storytelling For Kids Resource

Recently, we wrote an article on 10 Fill In The Blanks Story Makers For Kids. Somehow, at the time we did not come across this wonderful resource on creative writing and storytelling for kids from Super Easy Storytelling.

This school holidays, you can explore this site and do some of the fun activities with your child to encourage creative storytelling and writing. Here's what we love about the site.

  • We love the adjectives, verbs and adverbs list. These will be useful for kids to help them along especially if they struggle with the right words to use in a story whether written or verbal

  • Parents and educators will find the lesson plans and classroom posters useful
  • Younger kids may enjoy the Fill In The Blanks Story guides. All they need to do is fill in the blanks when prompted to come up with a quick story while older children can use the story prompts to tell their story

  • There is a section on "How To Tell A Story" which is excellent for parents/teachers as well as students. You can brush up your story telling skills or organize a fun group storytelling for your family or students
Check out this creative writing and storytelling resource for kids. You will find plenty of storytelling ideas here. Big thanks to Super Easy Storytelling for the images above. You can download all of the above and more from the site.


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