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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Nature Math And Science Activity For Kids

One of the easiest activities to teach kids math and science is planting activities. Recently, my boy has taken to planting. He is fascinated by collecting seeds, planting them and then checking his plants daily to see what he gets.

One day he came home with a red bean that he picked up from the floor in his school canteen. He immediately planted it. It grew very quickly and soon we could see some light yellow flowers. When the flowers dropped off, the beans appeared.

Slowly the beans turned yellow and we plucked them and popped them open to reveal more red beans! He was very excited and wanted to pluck some more red beans for his friends.

"We won't pluck the dried ones mom", he said. So he plucked the nice green ones and they turned out unripe and slimy inside.
From this activity, he learned so many things. He learned the life cycle of a plant. He also learned math and counting. How amazing it is to see one bean turn into five!

We recommend planting red beans as a fun, easy and quick nature math and science activity for kids. It only takes a few weeks to see the results.


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