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Monday, November 30, 2015

10 Things You Should Know When Sending Your Child To An After School Care Centre

With the new school year looming ahead, and many parents starting to plan for school, tuition and after school care, we came up with a FAQ list to one such centre. We are posting this up and hope that this will help some of the parents sending children to an after school are centre for the first time. 

While every centre may have its own special arrangements, we think that knowing at least one will help you be better prepared if you are planning to send your child to an after school care centre.

These centres can also be referred to as a before school care centre depending on which schooling session your child is in.


1. Do you pick the children up from school? 


2.  Will you help the children with homework? What if my child is extra slow in a subject? Will you give him additional help? 

Yes, help with homework and if extra slow in a subject will provide additional help, however some child might due to lack of interest so will suggest different ways for the child to catch up.

3.    What do I need to bring for my child each day? How many sets of uniforms do you recommend me to have? 

If child is in morning session, please leave a week or more clothes in the center, towel to bring back every day. If child is in afternoon session, please bring uniform when sending the child coming over.

4.     What happens if I am late to pick up my child? What is the latest time I can come? Will you charge me for late pick up? 

Latest pick up by 7pm, however if late we will still wait, there is a chargers of RM10 per half an hour to be paid to teacher directly as it as a token of appreciation to the teacher.

5.    What happens if my child is sick? Will you help to feed my child with his medicine? 

For children who are sick, if is mild fever and flu we will accept and keep them with us to rest and feed them medicine, however if child’s fever hit 38 degree and above, we advice please take care at home.

6.    Do you open during school holidays and unexpected holiday announcements? 

Yes, I open throughout all school holidays; only will close during Chinese New Year for a week or so. It will be announced earlier.

7.    What if my child does not like to join in the supervised play sessions? 

We will first need to identify why, and we will try by talking, introducing different style and etc to help the child gets comfortable first.

8.     Can my child bring his own favorite snacks? What sort of meals do you provide? What if my child has an allergy? 

Yes, every child is allowed to bring favorite snack, we provide home cook food with no canned or unhealthy food like nuggets and sausages. If your child has an allergy please inform us and we will cater differently for your child.

9.    What tuition do you provide for after school care kids? Do I have to pay extra tuition fees? 

We provide 5 subjects of tuition for before and after school care kids, there is no extra chargers.

10.   What sort of security measures do you take? 

Our gate is locked all the time, our doors are all with double lock with 2 different style, no walk in enquiries allowed, no aunty or uncle pick up allowed unless parents inform us earlier with IC and certain personal details provided.

We wish to thank Little Oxford Daycare Centre for answering this FAQ and giving a sneek peek to parents on what to expect.


  1. Would like to know:

    (1) cost

    (2) location


    1. Hi,

      1) RM480 for daycare (including tuition, homework guidance, and lunch).

      2) We're located 46, SS26/1, 47301. Please call us at 0126970887 before drop by.


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