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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Money-Free Holiday Activity For Kids

Everything costs money these days. Right? Wrong. There are still some things in life that are free. For example, if you are looking for a money-free holiday fun activity for your kids, why not try this? A nature walk. Yes, it is fun, wonderful and absolutely free. All you need to do is to take your kids out for a walk in the park and open up your eyes, mind and heart. Come take a nature walk with me and I will show you what I mean.

 Choose a beautiful day for your nature walk and then remember to look up to enjoy the pretty blue sky.

 Let's see what else you can spot when looking up? Here's a tree with tiny pink flowers.

 One of the flowers fell to the ground. It looks like a pretty hula-hula or tutu skirt.

Remember not to trample on the grass. Many of them have tiny pretty flowers too. Watch out for them. 

Let's take a closer look at those tiny flowers.....

 Here's one of those tiny flowers by a tree. So pretty. It looks like an exotic flower in a jungle but if you weren't looking out for it, you would never have noticed it because it was just weeds growing at the base of a tree.

 Now let's have a closer look at the tree. Such texture. Reminds me of those old trees you encounter in storybook land.

Here's another tree. This one has been chopped off leaving only the stump. Let's study the stump. All those circles within show how old the tree is. How interesting.

Here are more flowers .....

Creamed coloured flowers....

 Tiny yellow flowers....

White Flowers...

Oh look, here are some pebbles.

Did you know that green moss actually look like a thin layer of carpet over the drain if you open not just your eyes but your mind

Here's a seed. My son is very into seeds at the moment. He would plant this one if I let him. This seed and sand conjures an image of a sandy beach and sunny skies. Actually it was lying forlornly at the side of a gravel road.

No birds or insects to capture on this nature walk but a snail snacking on a leaf was found!

Did you enjoy the nature walk? Now go for one of your own. It is free! You can find most of these things at a park. You don't have to go jungle trekking or to a beach resort to see these things. They are everywhere around you.

Be a kid again. Kids see wonder in everything. An ordinary walk in the park is full of beauty to be discovered. The art of looking is seeing everything as if you are seeing it for the first time. Remember to point everything out to your children and bring your camera so you can capture the wonder and talk about them again later on.

Beauty is all around us. We just have to open our eyes to notice them

So next time you go to the park, don't trample on the leaves or walk about absent mindedly thinking about the 101 things in your todo list. Look around and pay attention to the little things around you, the colour, the texture, the flora, fauna and little creatures. Everything is beautiful!


  1. Yes. A walk in the park is good fof body and mind. Kids get to work out too. And nature is free to everyone. Nice photos you have here especially that cream color flowers.

    1. Hi Rose, I'd like to see what photos you have from your walk in the park. :)


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