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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Personalized Labels For Kids Malaysia

Brightly colored custom labels make it easy for your child to find his belongings
Once your child starts attending kindergarten and later on primary school, personalized labels are invaluable. Kids being kids, often end up losing their stationery, water tumblers, bags and even shoes! So much so that some schools set up a lost and found corner for missing items.

You will find all sorts of lost items in the cabinet or cupboard set aside for this purpose. Pencil cases, shorts, t-shirts, spectacles, food containers, school uniforms..... The list is endless.

Personalized labels make sure your child can differentiate
their tumbler from the exact same looking tumbler from a classmate

In addition to losing items, sometimes items get mixed up. This happens frequently for water tumblers that look alike. Mix up also happens when children have to remove their shoes to enter the library for example, wrong shoes get worn home frequently.

If you are a parent facing this, don't tear out your hair in frustration just yet. There is an easy solution to lost or mixed up items. Cute Personalized Labels For Kids. Personalized labels are also useful when you send your child to daycare. It is easier for the daycare centers to identify your child's clothing, bags, shoes and tumblers if you label them.

Personalized iron-on clothing labels make it easier for the
daycare centre to identify your child's property

Previously, you had to order nice custom labels from overseas. They take weeks to arrive. Now you can buy them in Malaysia online or directly from the Fun Printz kiosk at IPC shopping centre. Brightly colored labels with cute designs make it easy for your child to find their items because it stands out more. It is also easier to locate your child's missing items when claiming them from the lost and found station if you label your child's stuff.

At Fun Printz, you can get just about any type of label for your needs including bag tags, shoe labels, shape labels both self-adhesive labels as well as iron-on labels.

Shoe labels are designed to stick to the insole of your shoes and with the weight of the person on it, the stickers stay stuck and hardly come off even during laundry. This helps your child spot their shoes easily every time they have to remove and put them on again later.

All the pictures shown in this post are from Fun Printz. Online ordering is available at www.fun-printz.com. If you are not sure what size labels you should order, then go for their value pack plus which includes labels in 4 different sizes, a set of stick on clothing labels, shoe labels and iron on labels.

For express printing, you can visit the store at Ikano Power Centre. There are more selections available instore. Orders can be ready within 30 minutes to hours on the standard label and bag tag.

While personalized labels make it easier for children to identify their things, as parents we must not forget the most fundamental thing of all which is to teach our kids to be mindful of their stuff and to take care of them. Still, custom labels are fun and do make our life easier as parents of school going kids.


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