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Monday, November 07, 2016

School Placement Process For SMK

This post is for parents with kids in upper primary school (in particularly those with kids going to Std 6 next year) who may be interested to find out the process of placement for Secondary school in particularly SMK or Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan.

Before you read this post, please read the following ones.

Application For SMK
Online Application For Control Schools

The application for SMK is done before your child sits for UPSR. Forms will be handed out to your child via the school he is studying in.

Results of your application will be out before your UPSR results. The time frame is something like this.

  1. Aug/Sept - Receive form to apply for secondary school to SMK (Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan)
  2. Month of Sept - Online application for control schools for some states (need to eventually confirm with minimum requirements for UPSR results)
  3. Sept - UPSR
  4. Early November - Receive results of application or school placement for SMK (required to go to the school to register)
  5. Mid November - UPSR Results
  6. After UPSR - Do appeals or transfers to your preferred school of choice
Even if you wish to apply for control school (which has a minimum requirement for UPSR results), you will also need to apply for normal SMK when given the secondary school application form.

It is not early November and many kids/parents have now received the results for their school applications/school placement for secondary school. Just as in registration for primary school, you will need to go to the school in which your child has been placed to confirm your registration. 

Many parents who will be sending their children to international schools or Chinese Independent schools are unsure about what to do when they receive the placement letters. Do they need to register?  The letter states that if you do not turn up for registration, it is assumed that you reject the placement. However, it is good courtesy to call the school to inform them so that they can at least make a note which will help them organize the actual number of students they will be receiving for the next schooling year. Anyway if in doubt , the best thing is to call up the school to ask.

Another point to note is the letter states that you are required to have at least a C grade in BM penulisan and BM pemahaman in order to go to normal class. Otherwise remove class or kelas peralihan may be required. 

If you wish to do a transfer/appeal to a cluster school of choice, you will need to wait till your UPSR results are out in order to do so. Read our post on Step By Step On How To Transfer School From Wilayah Persekutuan To Selangor to get an idea on  how to do transfers from one state to another. 


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