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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

British Council Malaysia Open Day December 2016

You are invited!

You are invited to the British Council Open Days this December.

10-11 December 2016 (KL)
10,11,17,18 December 2016 (The Curve, Damansara)

10.30 am to 4.30 pm

Registration is now open for the open days.

Click here for more information.

Open Days are an excellent opportunity for parents to find out more about the centre and the programmes they run. This is when a centre opens up its doors to the public to show you what's available at their centres and to take any questions from parents.

Here are a few of our Open Day Tips to help you get the most of attending an Open Day at an enrichment centre.

Open Day Tips For Parents

  • Bring your child along. Placement tests are available for your child. This is a good opportunity for you to find out your child's level 
  • Arrive early before the crowd. Being early gives you the chance to talk to teachers and decide on the activities your child can take part in during the open day
  • Ask questions. Ask about the timetable, the fees, the course available. Write down your questions on a booklet or a reminder app on your mobile and write down the answers so you won't forget.
  • Walkabout. Walk around the centre. This is your best opportunity to visit the classrooms and activity rooms and visualize your child learning here. 
  • Speak to the teachers. Sometimes teacher profiles are listed at the centre. Read it and get to know the teachers by talking to them.
  • Participate. Have your child participate in the open day activities. Your child can enjoy the open day activities like story telling, arts and crafts and more while you look around, ask questions and get to know the teachers and the centre better
  • Follow-up. Remember to collect brochures for courses you are interested in. Take down contact numbers and names so you can call up for more information in case you miss out anything during the Open Day
  • Enjoy! Open Days can be a fun day of activities for your child. Allocate some time so your child can have some fun at the centre during the Open Day.


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