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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

SuperCamp! Year-end 2016 Motivational Camp For Preteens And Teens

The preteen and teenage years are important growing years. These are the years when kids become more independent in terms of studies and friendships. They have a growth spurt not only physically but also psychologically, emotionally and intellectually. It is important for kids this age to be equipped with life skills and guided through these changes because this is a confusing time for them. 

The time of transition or impending change from primary to secondary school requires them to become more independent in their studies, to be able to learn to study on their own instead of being spoon fed. They need to be able to handle peer and exam pressure. In other words, they need to become increasingly responsible and less dependent on their parents and teachers.

Through its annual motivational camp for kids, SuperCamp has been successful in guiding many teens to develop their personal learning styles and use this knowledge to their advantage in school.  It is back this year by popular demand. This is a 7-day/6-night residential event focused on academic and life skills that promise to inspire brilliance in youths from ages 10-18. It is a world renowned programme that has been established since 1982 which has inspired the lives of over 70,000 students worldwide.

SuperCamp empowers teens and prepares them personally and academically for their chosen path in life. It lays the foundation for our youths of today to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Instead of hiding behind the judgments and opinions of others, they learn to live as who they truly are by breaking out of their “shell”. They learn the power of stepping outside of their comfort zone to experience all the opportunities that life brings. 

Along with new confidence and increased motivation, students learn a combination of specific study strategies, time management, and test-taking skills that make a big difference in the classroom.  SuperCamp gives your child the opportunity to become a super learner by using the world’s leading academic acceleration techniques.

Happening on 11 December to 17 December 2016 at Paradise Valley, Broga, Call Quantum Education today for more info and discounts for the program.

They can be contacted at 03-6203 0525 / 017–381 7099 OR email them at camp@supercamp.com.my OR visit their website at www.supercamp.com.my


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