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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cute Labels For Kids

Parents with school going kids will know that kids losing stuff is a very normal occurrence. So, if you have a child who constantly loses their stationery, tumblers, food containers, bags, uniforms, shoes, jackets, spectacles etc. don't fret. You are not alone. Many schools these days set up a lost and found area which could be in the form of a shelf or cupboard.

Visit one of these lost and found areas and you will find all sorts of lost items. Your child can easily retrieve their item if he or she has a unique looking one but quite often the items look exactly the same. School uniforms and shoes obviously are identical. However, even bags, tumblers and more look the same if the same brand and type are used.

One of the ways to get around this problem is to label your kids stuff. You can DIY by writing using a marker pen or you can get really cute labels for kids. Previously, these labels were only available from overseas sites with expensive shipping. Now, we can get them online locally from Fun Printz. What's more, currently there is a Free Shipping Within Malaysia offer with every purchase of RM90 and above from now till 31 Dec 2016. No Promo code is required to claim free shipping as the website will auto deduct shipping cost once customer hits RM90 order.

Fun-Printz is an Express Print service specializing in Fun-Tags, Fun-Labels and Iron-On Labels. They are currently having a labels promo for members of our parenting platform as follows:

From Nov 21 - 31 Dec
Mumsgather platform members promo
(for our Blog readers and members of our website and FB Groups)

Standard Label Offer
( Fun Label, Mini Label, Shoe Label , Iron on Labels ) 
FOC shipping for orders above RM90 + Exclusive BAG TAG LARGE TAG (1 sided) worth RM14
Select bag tag design on Fun Printz website and key in promo code to claim the FOC item

Value Pack Plus Discount RM169 to RM149
FOC Shipping + Exclusive BAG TAG (1 sided) worth RM14
Select bag tag design on Fun Printz website and key in promo code to claim the FOC item
Free Shipping and Discount will be automatically deducted upon checkout

* The Value Pack Plus is a packaged label deal that includes different types of labels in various sizes. You get to pick the design you want. This is excellent if you are not sure of what labels to choose because you will receive various types to fulfill all of your child's labeling needs.

Waterproof Sticker
  • 20 Size L Label
  • 20 Size M Label
  • 20 Size S Label
  • 8 Square Shape Label
  • 8 Round Shape Shoe Label
  • 24 Stick-On Clothing Label
  • 20 Size M Iron-On Label
  • 24 Mini Iron-On Label 


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