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Monday, January 07, 2019

When Should I Register My Child For Standard One 2020 and 2021 Intake

Its that time of the year again when parents start asking this question. "When should I register my child for standard one?"

The following is information for members of our group, the Malaysia Primary School Parents on Facebook and readers of our blog.

We have written many posts on this topic before in the past. The focus of this post is on the important dates.

Important Dates:

1. When is the online registration portal open?

You can assess the online registration portal here: https://public.moe.gov.my/

Typically, the MOE online registration portal is open from 1st March to 30th April yearly.

What this means in 2019: On 1st March 2019, the portal will be open starting 1st March 2019 for registration for standard one 2020 intake as shown in the screenshot from the portal below.

Register Here: https://public.moe.gov.my/
2. At which age should I register my child for primary school?

Parents usually have 2 years to register their child for standard one ie when their child is aged 5 or age 6. You can do so on either of the years.

3. When should I register my child for Standard One?

The cut off date is 2nd January. What this means in 2019 registration:

Children born between 2 Jan 2013 to 1 Jan 2014 shall register for 2020 Intake
Children born between 2 Jan 2014 to 1 Jan 2015 shall register for 2021 Intake

4.  Is it possible to register to start school earlier, at age 6?

Early registration here means registration to start school at age 6 instead of age 7.

Children must have completed six years of age on Jan 1 of the year they are starting school. Since 2003, an exception is given to children who are up to two weeks younger ie to those born between 2 Jan to 15 Jan.

What this means in 2019: Those born between 2 Jan to 15 Jan 2014 can apply to start school earlier. However, do note that children of this age may be required to sit for an assessment to make sure that they are ready to start school together with their older peers.

Here are some news articles on this:

Review admission procedure for those aged under 6, government told - article in FMT dated 20 Dec 2019
Hard for younger kids to start school early - an opinion letter published in the Star on 22 Dec 2018

Below is a press release from the MOE in response to these publication.

5. When will I know the results of my online registration/application for Standard One?

Results are normally out around July/August the year before they are due to start school.

You may also find the following posts useful. They contain information on the documents required for registration etc. Note that these are posts from previous years and there may have been changes made to procedures after the posts. For latest procedures and discussion on any topics or questions not found here, do join our Facebook group. As with previous years, we will start a thread for discussion on issues members encounter during registration in March 2019.

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This post was brought to you by the admins of the Malaysia Primary School on Facebook group.


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