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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Where to Download Form 3 DLP Maths and Science Textbook

It's the second week of school and by now most students would have brought home their loaned textbooks from school and perhaps finished wrapping them in plastic covers. Parents of Form 3 students may have noticed that the Maths and Science in English textbooks for DLP (Dual Language Programme) is missing from the bundle.

It has been reported in the press that the supply and distribution of Form 3 DLP Maths and Science Textbooks will start in March 2019.

The MOE has released a statement stating that the reason for this delay is due to some changes to improve the procurement system and to prevent direct negotiations which came into effect in the middle of last year.

The MOE in its statement has provided a few links to download the Form 3 Maths and Science Textbook online. The links are for the first 4 chapters of both subjects.  The school would probably have provided students with the links as well. Parents can bookmark these links for students' self study at home.

You can download the textbooks here.

1. Download link for first 4 chapters of Maths in English for DLP Form 3 textbook:

2. Download link for first 4 chapters of Science in English for DLP Form 3 textbook:

Interesting Note:

One thing interesting to note from the download links is apparently the Science textbook comes with a mobile app and multimedia materials including Augmented Reality, Interactive Activity, Animation and Videos can be accessed via the app.

Below is the full press release from the MOE.

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