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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Succeed in Life by Learning From Others: Tag Talks

What is Your Ambition?

A simple question like that is often met with blank stares. Not many students are career or self-aware during their schooling years. During the teen years, as children are growing and discovering themselves, they are unsure of the path they want to take. Choices may be wide and varied but sometimes this causes them even more confusion and they may choose according to what they think their parents want or to conform to society's expectations of them.

Who Am I?

That's why Sri Bestari International School has started a series of Tag talks to encourage children to be brave enough to chart their own paths. Tag Talks is a unique feature incorporated as a part of
Bestarians’ learning journey. TAG represents the brand, value and identity which leads to one of the pivotal questions in life that the children themselves need to answer- 'WHO AM I?'

Tag Talks aim to inspire students by exposing them to success stories from individuals from various industries who have made it by daring to be different and facing challenges with hard work and grit.

Tag Talks goal is to help students find the answer to the question "Who am I?" to help them realize that they are the authors of their own stories and destiny lies in their own hands instead of living life in autopilot with no focus or direction.

Tag Talk Speakers

Bestarians have so far had the privilege to listen to Tag Talk speaker Dr Wong Siew Chin, who is the principal of Sri Bestari International School. She shared her thoughts that children should be reminded to remain true to themselves in building their own identity—to know their calling in life, to learn how to do it well and to create value in the world.

"As a school, we have the responsibility to expose the children to various industries and subsequently help them to discover and be the best version of themselves." says Dr Wong. A mother of two and still a teacher at heart, she believes that having the grit in life matters more than intelligence. 

Other invited Tag Talk speakers include Co-founder of the Picha Project; Ms. Suzanne Ling, An Astrophysicist; Dr. Nur Adlyka, a physicist and a published author; Ms. Viola Ho, a concept art designer; Mr. Johnson Ting and their own alumni --a coding expert; Mr. Josh Teng.

Students are exposed to more than just academics when listening to these speakers share their own experience. By listening to actual real life sharing by highly motivated individuals, students begin to understand the need to take charge and embrace a growth mindset with grit.

What Students Say About Tag Talks

According to students, Tag Talks have fed them with the knowledge, meaning, motivation and vivid imagination and exploration not found in books.

“It has made me realise that nothing is impossible if you try hard!” a Year 7 Bestarians claimed. 

“Tag talks had impacted me greatly as I realise now, how successful people work very hard and that they went through countless challenges to be who they are right now” another Year 7 student exclaimed. 

In other words, tag talks are not just an inspiration for students, it is also a career guide. It helps show them that they can be successful while at the same time, promote a cause or awareness or feel a great sense of achievement like some of the Tag Talk industry speakers.

An excellent example would be the Co-founder of the Picha Project, Ms. Suzanne Ling who believed so much in helping refugees, that she and her co- founders built a sustainable business for a good cause. The Picha Project delivers traditional meals to customers made by refugee families from marginalised groups.

Students who attended Suzanne Ling’s talk was truly inspired and it made students reflect and think of what she had shared. 

One student stood out with an exceptional understanding of the whole concept of the Picha Project, “I knew there were people who are less fortunate, but I didn’t expect that it would be to this extent. At that very moment of listening to Ms. Suzanne’s talk, my eyes opened and I could see the bigger picture of life beyond my privileged one. That first tag talk, was the day I realised that a small contribution actually makes a lot of difference and that’s how I’m going to start my life now onwards."

Children have so much to learn during their crucial development years spent at school. SBIS is committed in developing global leaders who will embrace a growth mindset and be determined to make a difference throughout the whole world no matter which horizons they've set their sights upon. Tag Talk helps achieve this aim by starting them on the right mindset from a young age.

Tag Talk gives SBIS students the opportunity to listen to great stories and understand that they are definitely the author of their own stories, leaders of their own destinies. To put it strongly, It is the Journey of Realisation that Determines the Students’ Destination.

Sri Bestari International School (SBIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land and General Berhad. The school believes in combining the best people and the best learning approaches together to empower young minds. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Sri Bestari International School at 011-51397866 or

This post was brought to you by Sri Bestari International School

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