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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Raising Children to be future-ready

This article is brought to you by Taylor’s International School (TIS) on how they prepare your 
child ready for the possibilities of tomorrow.

“Will my child be ready for the future?”
This is one concern we hear often from parents, especially considering today’s global environment where changes in technology and connectivity happen all the time. Are we doing enough to prepare our children for the demands of tomorrow?

Should I let my child focus only on academics, or would a holistic education that is broader be more advantageous? TIS believes that character and life-skills development is essential to help to prepare children to have the competitive edge in their ever-evolving future.

Qualities that are firmly embedded in the learning at TIS

  •  Respectful and caring individuals
  •  Responsible leaders
  •  Resilience individuals
  •  Passionate learners
  •  Global citizens
TIS Kuala Lumpur’s Principal Mr. Peter Wells says, “Besides giving all students a sound academic foundation, we promote the four Cs to 'raise them ready' for their future lives - Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. All four components are essential for success beyond their school days.

As an international school, TIS is the perfect place for students to gain exposure at a global level, allowing them to learn from cultures and industries across the world. At the same time, our well-known adoption of Quantum Learning allows students to experience learning that is impactful and effective, bringing out their best potential, to create future global leaders who are ready, prepared and adaptable for what is ahead.

Interested to learn more about our January 2021 intake? Enquire now!

Taylor's International School Kuala Lumpur
Admissions Line : +603 9200 9898‬
Email : admissions@kl.tis.edu.my

Taylor's International School Puchong
Admissions Line:: +603 5879 5000
Email: admissions@pc.tis.edu.my

Raise your kids to be ready, prepared and adaptable for what is ahead.


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