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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


My Girl: "Mummy what are all these words doing on your paper?" (*points to the newspaper I'm reading.)

MG: "Errrr...."

My Girl: "No, mummy. I ask you, mummy! Whats all these alphabets doing on your paper??!!" (*annoyed now because mummy has no answer for her)

MG: *???????????*

My Girl: "Mummy, the moon is moon shape today."

MG: *???????????*

My Girl: "The moon is not circle shape today, its moon shape today, mummy!"

MG: *smiles*


  1. Waaah.. your kid got Superman eyes.. can see the moon thru the haze?! LOL


  2. The haze is very much worse today. I can no longer see the buildings in the horizon. (*cough cough*) :(

  3. my world is so gray now! cough cough! btw, nice avatar ;)

  4. Its really bad. So smoky! I dare not open my windows today.

  5. how is your sinus? worry leh this kind of air condition.
    but hor, your daughter hor...hahaha...moon in moon shape, yah, if the painter draw the moon in full circle will be confused the kid with the sun liao.

  6. twinsmom, i dare not go outdoors lah or else my sinus problem will get worst.

    big bok, lucky you to escape this grey world.


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