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Shopee Ramadan Sale

Monday, August 08, 2005


If you have gone shopping over the weekend, you will notice that they have started promoting the sale of mooncakes in the shopping malls for the Mid Autumn Festival which is about a month away.

It appears to me that everyone wants a piece of the mooncake business. It must be very lucrative indeed. I can just imagine how high the margins must be with each piece of mooncake going for about RM9. (*calculate calculate*) Hmmm.... cut the mooncake into 4 pieces and each quarter will cost more than RM2. Take about 6 bites from each quarter and each bite costs about 50 cents.

It is no wonder then that not only the bakeries and restaurants are promoting them but even coffee places, ice-cream palours and pizza shops are doing so as well. So then we have green tea mooncakes, ice-cream mooncakes, chocolate mooncake, coffee mooncake, durian mooncake, Italian mooncake (*rolls eyes*), etc etc. The mooncakes are presented in a myriad of colours too, from green to purple to orange and white and with different crusts, hard, soft, you name it you got it. What next? is entirely up to the food retailers imagination.

To me, none of them are real mooncakes. They're just pastries moulded into mooncake shape and called a mooncake. I only want my traditional lotus paste or red bean paste mooncake with or without salty duck egg yolks. I'm very old fashioned and that includes mooncakes. I'M NOT FALLING FOR IT! (this year...). Last year I bought some of these fake mooncake for my sister's mooncake party just so we could all take 50 cents bites on each one to compare tastes. (*sighs*) No wonder the food retailers are still at it!

The picture shown above is toddler's battery operated lantern from last year. I think battery operated is great and much safer for little ones but if only they would do away with the music. Its incredibly noisy and annoying! What I do is put some masking tape over the speaker to mask the noise.

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